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[03.31.05] Just A Reminder - send that 'Scaper Love!

Hopefully everyone has been able to read some of the great press that Farscape and its fans (and Ben!) have recently received in some Canadian papers. Chocolates are going to be sent to the following three writers, but if you haven't done so, could you please send them a quick email to express your appreciation? The rumour mill has it that they haven't gotten much feedback.

Fan Power: Farscape comes back to TV Friday, and it has a lot of dedicated viewers to thank for its salvation and Sidebar both articles by Alex Strachan.

Back From the Wormhole by Steve Tilley.

And For Love of Story, Farscape is Back by Sean Twist.


And more information later today on the PK Wars Emmy Nomination Project.

[03.28.05] No resting on our laurels... Next the Emmy Awards!

Word has reached us that Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars has been submitted for consideration for nominations for Emmy Awards in many different areas. Information is scarce at the moment but as usual 'Scapers will be very busy, very shortly.

[03.26.05] For the Love of Farscape

More Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars publicity. Sean Twist of the London Free Press wrote a great article entitled For the Love of Story, Farscape is Back.

Read the article and then share some 'Scaper lovin' with Sean Twist a writer who really 'gets' Farscape.

[03.25.05] Vancouver Sun TV Times

There is also a small blurb in the Vancouver Sun TV Times March 25-31 'Scapers Succeed promoting the Easter weekend viewing of PK Wars.

[03.25.05] Back From the Wormhole in the Edmonton Sun

More good news! The Edmonton Sun published an interview today with Brian Henson, Back From The Wormhole complete with four colour pictures.

Steve Tilley not only quoted fans in his article, but was also very generous with his praise of the show. Please drop him a line to say thank you.

[03.24.05] Update on Space Gift Basket

On March 24, Susescaper delivered two baskets to Space in appreciation for their support of Farscape. Check out the excitement on the Space Gift Basket page.

The staff at Space were very appreciative and I have posted their thank yous. Stay tuned for pictures.

[03.23.05] Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars in the Ottawa Citizen

Another positive recommendation! The Ottawa Citizen has published an article on Farscape and they are very nice to the fans too. Check it out. Fan Power: Farscape comes back to TV Friday, and it has a lot of dedicated viewers to thank for its salvation. In addition, Alex Strachan wrote a interesting sidebar about the fans.

Alex Strachan is syndicated across Canada, so drop him a note saying thanks!

[03.19.05] Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is Editors Choice!

TV Week has named Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars their Editors Choice for this upcoming easter weekend. Click the link to PK Wars Editors Choice.

Once you have read the article, feel free to drop Brent Furdyk a note thanking him for giving the show such a sterling recommendation. It doesn't cost anything but your time and it leaves a good impression.

[03.06.05] Farscape Fans Mentioned in Toronto Star

Check out the article here Can Sci Fi Fans Face the Future? The article is very supportive of Farscape fans and mentions some of our more creative efforts in support of Farscape. From the 'Scaper Jirls, 'Scaper Guys calendar to Brascape.

Check out the article and then drop Rob Salem a note thanking him for his positive comments.

The Toronto Star also printed a copy of Ratscapes Poster promoting Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars! Go Ratscape!

[03.03.05] Promotions Poster for Space's airing of Peacekeeper Wars

Ratscape, that absolutely awesome and talented man, has modified one of his posters specifically to advertise the Space airing of PK Wars! Check it out here. There is also a high resolution copy available for printing and posting around your local area.

Ratscape Rules!

[02.28.05] Peacekeeper Wars Publicity in TV Week

TV Week answered a question from a reader about Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and published a very nice picture of John and Aeryn. Check it out here. Then go show that famous 'Scaper politeness and drop Mailbox a note saying how much you appreciate the information.

[02.27.05] Media Kits to promote PK Wars

In preparation for Space's Easter weekend showing of the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, we're preparing "media kits" to send out to various tv columnists across Canada, the hope being that they will give some coverage to the broadcast.

Each kit will include:

  • a coverletter on Farscape Canada Letterhead
  • a history of the Save Farscape campaign
  • a DVD of Farscape fan videos
  • a Peacekeeper lapel pin and pamphlet explaining the image's origins and use in the show
  • several Ratscape campaign posters and postcards
  • an assortment of TBZF's fabulous Farscape recipes (with photos)
  • a Farscape filk (a well-known song adapted with Farscape lyrics) on Letterhead
  • various bits of swag (tattoos, buttons, trading cards, etc)

To see what is included in the Media Kits follow the link.

Several of these kits have already been requested by various newspaper writers, but we'd love some more suggestions if you know of any columnists whom you think might be interested in covering Farscape. If you'd like to help out with costs, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Should all go according to plan, the kits will be mailed out by next week. Some of the initial response from a few newspapers has been very positive, so keep your fingers crossed!

[02.22.05] Attention Toronto 'Scapers!!!

Attend a Peacekeeper Wars Viewing Party and help generate some media buzz for our favourite show!

Sunday March 6, 2005 at 1:00pm
The Bishop & The Belcher
361 Queen W Toronto
(416) 591-2352

Bring your loonies!!! After viewing PKWars we will then take a little trip down the street and go to Speakers Corner to tell everyone how great PKWars is and to thank SPACE (and Chum) for standing by us 'Scapers.

Bandanagirl will be bringing a copy of PKWars on DVD and if anyone has the last half of season 4 on DVD, she would like to ask if they could bring it along also.

Bandanagirl still needs an idea of how many people are coming, so please contact her at Bandanagirl_447.

Spread the word!!!

Check out this thread: Farscape Peacekeeper Wars Party (March 6, Toronto Area) on the Farscape Canada forums to discuss details.

[02.17.05] Need help to 'Scape Hugo Voters

Hmph from watchfarscape is helming the effort to get Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars nominated for a Hugo Award. He points out that many potential voters have not yet heard of Farscape, much less Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

The Hugo Awards are one of the most important - perhaps *the* most important - award you can get in Science Fiction. They are awarded at the annual Worldcon, which is a fairly important event in the science fiction world.

Entitled to nominate and vote are this year's Worldcon members as well as members from the previous year (which was held in Boston).

The Hugo is awarded by the fans, not by a board of critics or peers. Maybe you know someone who went last year? Or someone who is going this year? Or perhaps you are going yourself?

Worldcon is dominated by traditional Sci Fi fans, many of whom are organised in clubs and Sci Fi societies. There are only four sci fi clubs in Canada to concentrate our efforts on and we have a limited amount of time to make an impact as the first week of March is the final deadline for nominations.

Check out the discussion thread Hugo awards and Canadian SciFi Clubs in Brainstorm Central on the Farscape Canada Forums for ideas.

By the way, thanks Tanya for reminding me!

[02.15.05] Space Press Release!

Check out this thread on the Spaceboard, or go read the two Press Releases here and here. Space is doing Farscape proud! Not only will Space be airing a mini-marathon of the last five episodes just before the mini-series, but they are also going to air "The Making of Peacekeeper Wars", AND they are putting together a 15 minute montage of "The Best of Farscape SPACE Flow". The second press release says very nice things about Farscape Fans.

Go say thanks 'Scapers! Or post on the Spaceboard thread!

[02.12.05] Fabulous News!

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars will be airing on Space this Easter Weekend, March 25 and 26. So book the time off and set up your VCRs cause this is a momentous occasion. 'Scapers got their mini-series!

[02.09.05] The good news just keeps on coming!

Snurched from Sci Fi Wire: Saturn Award Nominations Announced

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was nominated for four Saturn Awards. Best Television Presentation, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best DVD Television Release.

If you wish to join the Academy in order to be able to vote for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars here is the link: The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films.

The Academy offers different levels of membership to suit different needs.

Discuss this good news Four Saturn Award Nominations for Farscape! in the Farscape Canada forum.

[02.09.05] More good news 'Scapers! Fans across Canada have been e-mailing various US TV stations that air in Canada (mostly Superstations as apparently you get the most bang for your buck with them) to ask them to pick up Farscape. The Chicago Superstation WGN sent this response.

"Farscape" will premiere on Superstation WGN in early October.
Thanks for writing."

Check and see if you get WGN Chicago Superstation on your dial. Then drop them a quick e-mail to show them some 'Scaper love.

WGN Superstation Contact Us

This is good news for the future of Farscape. WooHoo!

Log into the Farscape Canada Forum and check out Farscape's syndication in the US and how you can help! to discuss this exciting news.

[01.21.05] Hey there 'Scapers! In honour of the New Year we have a fresh project to announce: The Farscape Canada Library Project.

As always, our goal is to increase the Farscape audience and for that the show needs to be available to the widest possible viewership. Of the hundreds of libraries across Canada, only a small number of branches currently carry Farscape DVDs. The goal of this project is to make the entire Farscape series available to library users throughout the country, from Victoria to St. John's.

How can you help?


Ask your local library. Purchase request forms for new materials are available at almost every branch. Often suggestions can be made on a library's website. Check this page for library suggestion links. Librarians take customers' opinions very seriously, so please give it a try. Request Farscape today!

And Donate.

An even more direct way of bringing Farscape to Canadian Libraries are DVD donations. At the moment Farscape Canada is looking for sponsors to help donate Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars DVDs. Fourty two copies have already been sponsored. For a list of participating libraries and more information about this aspect of the project, please click here. Otherwise, the donation of any Farscape DVD is always welcome, whether it is a single volume or a box set. For those who have decided to purchase the new Starburst editions of season 1-4, please consider donating your old DVDs to a library of your choice. Just let us know so we can add it to our database.

For more information about this project, please contact:

[01.21.05] British Columbia Farscape Fans rejoice! The Seattle Times has announced that KSTW will be airing Farscape starting next September.

Farscape to Return in Reruns on KSTW

"Farscape," a cult sci-fi series that launched a massive fan revolt over its cancellation, will return locally on KSTW when it goes into syndication in the fall. The show originally aired on the Sci Fi Channel for four seasons. KSTW will air back-to-back reruns of "Farscape" after "Star Trek: Enterprise" starting in September, the station announced this week. "Seattle is the best sci-fi market in the country," said Ryan Craig, KSTW's director of programming and research. "We feel that this will be a very attractive block of programming to a lot of people in this area." Fans of "Farscape" organized a campaign to save the show in 2003 that eventually resulted in a miniseries that aired last fall.

If you want to thank the Programming Department at KSTW, just following the link to their website and click the CONTACT US button on the left hand side of the screen.

Discuss this news on the forum at
Farscape to Return in Reruns on KSTW

This site is part of an international effort to save Farscape. For more information about the global campaign, visit

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