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Farscape Canada ... organizing, focusing and promoting Canadian efforts to further the cause of the hit scifi series, Farscape.


[12.03.05] Wayne Pygram Gets A Farscape Canada Harvey T-Shirt!

I have not yet finished my Official Burbank Convention Report and I know I am very tardy. *guilt* *guilt* But to appease the rabid fan base I have posted a picture of Wayne Pygram accepting his Harvey T-Shirt. Details will be included when the convention report is (finally posted). For now... enjoy!

[12.11.05] So, what part of the universe are you all from?

Make yourself known to the Farscape Universe - add yourself to FRAPPR! The Worldwide Scaper Map! You don't even have to join, so what's the harm? There are hundreds of 'Scapers on the site already from all over the world, so if you haven't yet, please follow the link and add yourself!

[10.13.05] V-Con 30 - Vancouver's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention 2005!

The convention report from V-Con is up. Check this link for details and see what your intrepid Farscape Ambassadors got up to. We even have pictures!

Oh - and go see Serenity. Not only is it a good movie in its own right - Joss Whedon can tell a mean story - but a successful Serenity bodes very well for future Farscape!

In addition, don't forget to e-mail Sony Pictures mentioning how much you want to see the new Jim Henson Company film, MirrorMask. The success of both MirrorMask and Serenity will have a large impact on the possibility of new Farscape.

So go see Serenity! Go request MirrorMask! (and then go see it).

And WATCH FARSCAPE in syndication this weekend - and every weekend!!!

[10.02.05] It's the Geek Weekend!

As Neil Gaiman says in an interview with himself and Joss Whedon, it's the "geek weekend". Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon

Not only are both movies, MirrorMask from the Jim Henson Company and Serenity from Joss Whedon opening this weekend, but Farscape the TV Series is also debuting in syndication in the US! A plethora of riches.

It is so chic to be geek these days!

Check out What Is Farscape? for details of dates and times for Canadian airings.

Unfortunately the distribution rights to MirrorMask are held by Sony Canada and they have not (yet) put Mirrormask in any Canadian Theatres. Here is a link at Sony Pictures for you to drop them a line mentioning how much you want to see this intriguing and visual feast.

The success of both MirrorMask and Serenity will have a large impact on the possibility of new Farscape.

So go see Serenity! Go request MirrorMask! Sony Pictures (and then go see it).


[09.13.05] Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars this Thanksgiving Weekend!

Just a quick heads up. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars will be airing on Space this Thanksgiving Weekend.

Part 1 will air Saturday, October 8 at 11:00 pm EST
Part 2 will air Sunday, October 9 at 11:00 pm EST

Sadly this past Sunday marked the end of the Farscape Series run on The Space Channel. With the exception of a few more airings of Peacekeeper Wars, Farscape will no longer be aired on Space. While this is disappointing, Space deserves many kudos for being such a supportive station so please drop them a line saying thanks for giving Canadians a chance to see such a great show. The Space Channel.

But don't despair! Farscape is on many Canadian Stations this fall, from ASN, Ztele in Quebec and A-Channel in Ontario, to cable stations from the US such as KSTW in BC, KAYU in Alberta and WGN across the country. And this is just a preliminary list.

Check out the What is Farscape? page for updates and details of dates and times.

Don't forget to let your friends and relatives know about the new stations that Farscape will be on, and that Peacekeeper Wars will be on Space this Thanksgiving Weekend.

[09.10.05] TWoP Recap of Premiere is Up!

The Scapers at Television Without Pity have for the second time, won the Tubey's Kids charity auction (the 4th auction TWoP has had), which raised over $1000 dollars to the Donor's Choose. The auctions, which give the opportunity to the winners to have the episode of a television show of their choice recapped by the TWoP recapper of their choice, has already resulted in the recap of the Farscape episode "Crackers Don't Matter" by TWoP recapper Strega.

This time, the Scapers have selected to have the Farscape series Premiere recapped by Couch Baron and here it is! Farscape's "Premiere" at Television Without Pity. Check it out, it is hilarious and just in time for Syndication.

Good job TWoP Scapers!

[09.01.05] Farscape Syndication 2005 - Cities, Stations, and Schedule!

Jul has compiled a major update to the Farscape Syndication list and it is posted on Brent Barrett's website. Click the Farscape in Syndication banner for details.

Many of these stations are also available on cable in Canada. If you get one or more of these stations, please e-mail the administrator who will update the column "Find Farscape" on the What Is Farscape? page so that others in your area can find the joy that is Farscape.

Don't forget to share the link with as many interested parties as you can - embed it in your signature! This is an excellent time to bring newbies into the fandom. Farscape's future is bright.

[08.13.05] Farscape Syndication Flyers and Web Banners!

Once again mycattoldme has outdone herself. She has created four new flyers and four new web banners to help us advertise Farscape in Syndication this fall.

Please print the flyers out and post copies at your local library (especially the ones with Peacekeeper Wars) or on bulletin boards at schools, colleges, universities and coffee shops in your area. Or anywhere else that you can think of. Lets get the word out!

Mycattoldme has also designed eight new web banners to be used to promote Farscape in syndication. They can be found in The Journey Begins Again This Fall and Share the Wonders AGAIN as well as a link in Flyers and Graphics.

Don't forget to send a couple of e-mails or snail mails to City-TV Calgary, Edmonton,Brandon and Winnipeg (formerly known as A-Channel). Every little bit helps.

[07.26.05] 'Scapin' the West Letter Writing Campaign!

Many stations in Canada - ASN and A-Channels in Ontario in particular - have picked up the rights to Farscape but there are several who have not. A little polite encouragement would not go amiss.

So in that 'Scaper spirit, feel free to send polite (yet enthusiastic) e-mails to the following five addresses asking for Farscape.

Mind you, snail mail is rumoured to make a bigger impression than e-mail. So in the interests of making the biggest impact please write a letter requesting Farscape and snail mail it to the following addresses:

CKX TV Brandon
2940 Victoria Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 3Y3
Brandon Feedback

A-Channel Calgary (CKAL)
535-7th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0Y4
Calgary Feedback

A-Channel Edmonton (CKEM)
10212 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 5A3
Edmonton Feedback

A-Channel Manitoba (CHMI)
8 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4Y3
Winnipeg Feedback

The New VI
1420 Broad Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2B1
A-Channel Victoria

This is a tremendous opportunity to help expand the fan-base beyond regular sci-fi viewers and prove to investors that future Farscape projects would be profitable. Sooooo....

Go 'Scapers! Farscape Awaits!

[07.22.05] Farscape Library Project Update!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just had a significant update for the Canadian Libary Project. Our plan of seeding libraries with Peacekeeper Wars and then encouraging patrons to make Farscape purchase requests appears to be working. BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ooops. Sorry. Must learn to keep evil laugh internal.

Farscape Canada has, with your help, managed to donate 70 DVD copies of Peacekeeper Wars to 57 libraries across Canada. Several of those libraries have gone on to acquire the entire series, and many more are starting to pick up volumes and seasons piecemeal.

To see how far Farscape has come, and to see where a politely worded e-mail could help, check out the Library Project List page and send those e-mails today.

[07.09.05] FarOps and the SouthEast 'Scapers Present: Farscape Wristbands!!!

The wristbands will be red in colour and struck with a popular saying made famous by T-shirts and buttons across Farscape fandom. Yes indeed 'Scapers, the wristbands will read “Irreversibly Contaminated” and the lettering will be debossed.

To learn how to get your very own wristbands - and be tops in 'Scaper fashion - check out this thread on Watch Farscape: Get your wristbands here!!!

[07.05.05] Farscape at Rogers Video Direct!!

How often have people said to you that they would be interested in trying out Farscape but they just can't seem to find it? Well, now we have an answer!

Rogers Video has recently introduced a new mail-order DVD rental service, Rogers Video Direct and they have all four seasons of Farscape, plus Peacekeeper Wars available!

Not only that, but there is a free two week trial period! As a bonus, people utilising Rogers Video Direct during the two week trial period can write reviews for their favourites rentals.

What a terrific way to help 'scape Canada - rent the episodes and write reviews.

Check out Farscape at Rogers Video Direct under "Spreading the Word" for more information, or click the Rogers Video banner to the right. This is quite the coup ladies and gentlemen, lets take advantage of it!

[07.05.05] Next Up --- Toronto Trek 19!!

Another convention, another chance to 'scape Canada!

Our very own Tanya is organising the Farscape Fan Table at Toronto Trek and she is also hosting two panels. Not to mention that she will be collecting empty ink cartridges as a Farscape Fundraiser at her table. Go Tanya Go!

For those who would like to lend a helping hand in 'Scaping Canada at Toronto Trek, e-mail Tanya (who will be forever grateful).

Volunteering is a great way to get to know people, have a great time and to feel a part of the excitement. Go 'Scapers!

[06.29.05] 'Scape the World With Ringtones!

Attention 'Scapers!

We have another project that has the potential of raising Farscapes profile in Canada. Nerdgirl and Barb have got together and researched what it will take and who to contact to get Farscape Ringtones available for Canadian cellphone users.

The best part of this project is that all it takes is a quick note to the right e-mail in Canada - and you just know that we have all three e-mail addresses available for you. Follow the link to 'Scape the World With Ringtones and get those typing fingers limbered up. Quick, easy, (cheap) and a very effective way of promoting Farscape!

[06.14.05] 'Presenting the Hollywood Reporter Emmy Ad!

Thanks to 'Scaper fans worldwide, to the behind the scenes work of Jul, Stars and others that may have been so far behind the scenes mycattoldme didn't know they were working on this and can't add their names here, and of course a big thanks to the fantastic folks at Henson we have an awesome ad for The Hollywood Reporter!

Just a personal comment: this is my favourite part of the ad, "To the cast and crew - thank you for undertaking one of the most ambitious productions ever brought to the small screen: Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. For two nights, you held our hearts in your hands, and delivered an intelligent, character-driven, action-packed story that was brilliant in both vision and execution."

[06.09.05] 'Scapin' Canada This Summer!

This year Farscape Canada is working to ensure a Farscape presence at five conventions across the country. This will be the largest Farscape convention presence in Canada to our knowledge (so far). Those conventions are: Toronto Trek 19, Westercon, VCon, Gatecon and we are hoping to get a bit of Farscape Fandom present at Montreal's Con*cept in November.

To learn more about this and how you can help check out 'Scapin' Canada One Convention at a Time page.

In addition, if anyone is planning on attending any of these conventions and is interested in volunteering for Farscape related activities please e-mail Firecracker. We loves minions we do. Yessssssss.

All contributions, physical and financial will be most gratefully received.




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