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Farscape Canada ... organizing, focusing and promoting Canadian efforts to further the cause of the hit scifi series, Farscape.


[06.16.05] Reminder! Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Returns to SPACE this Sunday!

Part 1 airs Sunday, June 19th at 7pm EST.
Part 2 airs one week later on Sunday, June 26th at 7pm EST.

Don't forget Ladies and Gentlemen this is cable: every set of eyeballs help. Be sure to spread the word and tune in!

[06.01.05] Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Returns to SPACE!

Part 1 airs Sunday, June 19th at 7pm EST.
Part 2 airs one week later on Sunday, June 26th at 7pm EST.
"The Battle Behind the Wars" will air on Sunday, June 12th at 8pm EST.

Remember this is cable: every set of eyeballs help. Be sure to spread the word and tune in!

[05.30.05] Farscape Canada T-Shirts

Ever wanted to have Harvey on your chest? How about Aeryn? Farscape Canada has, with the gracious co-operation of Ratscape, produced not one... but two custom designed T-shirts both available for purchase.

Check out Farscape Canada T-Shirts to see these two designs. T-Shirt graphics are printed in full colour on a black T-Shirt. The Farscape Canada web address is positioned across the shoulders. The Aeryn T-Shirt, bearing the slogan "You can be more", is $18.00 CAD and the Harvey T-Shirt is $20.00 CAD. Both prices include shipping and handling.

Be the best dressed 'Scaper in your neighbourhood and order one or both of these designs today!

[05.19.05] Emmy Nomination Project Phase 3

OK 'Scapers this is where we do the work for which we are so famous. We need YOU to write to TV Critics and Newspapers in the US reminding them that Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is a contender for an Emmy Nomination. Right now is when those who have influence are compiling their lists to recommend Emmy nominations and we need you to remind them about PK Wars.

Check out Emmy Nomination Project Phase 3 to learn more about this and to find out why we as Canadians need to write. That page also has the link to up-to-date e-mail and snail mail addresses to target. Timing is critical on this one folks, so do not delay - write that letter today! (Tip: Write one letter and send it to all the addresses.)

[05.15.05] Convention Season!

Yes, it's that time of year again Ladies and Gentlemen. This year Farscape will be well represented at some major Canadian Conventions. Tanya is once again hosting a table at Toronto Trek 19 and your webmistress will be hosting two (!) panels at Westercon, and one again in the fall at VCon. Gatecon has two Farscape actors attending, Lani Tupu and David Franklin, and we are hoping to get a bit of Farscape Fandom present at Montreal's Con*cept in November.

So why am I telling you all this? Farscape Canada is planning to promote the Canadian Library Project at all of these conventions. To that end we have, in conjunction with the multi-talented mycattoldme from Frell Me Dead, developed bookmarks to give away in registration bags or for swag at all these conventions. But we are going to need your help. To see the bookmarks, which are awesome, and to learn more about the kind of help Farscape Canada needs please follow the link to the 2005 Convention Bookmark Project.

[05.09.05] Donation Challenge for PKW Emmy Project!

For the next week, kechara from Watch Farscape will match any and all donations made to the Emmy Fund, up to a total of $500.00 US! Yep, that's right ... she has $500 in her pocket, and she is willing to spend it matching YOUR donations. Anything you donate from 12:01am today, May 9 through 11:59pm on Sunday, May 15 will count.

So let's get cracking ... and DONATING, people!! I know we can do it!!

Farscape Canada has a paypal button set up on the Emmy Nominations page and if you prefer snail mail the details are there also. Jul will confirm your donations to kechara for you.

kechara rocks mightily!

[05.06.05] PRESENTING....The Emmy Magazine Farscape Ad!

Congratulations 'Scapers... it looks great! Click the image for a larger version.

The ad was designed by Bill Yep, a 'Scaper and a very talented guy. As you will note, we were able to secure copyright permission to use official images and conceptual designs from the production for our ad, a first for us.

Thank you to The Jim Henson Company for giving us permission to do so.

Phase II of the project is to put a similar black, white and red ad, in the Critics' Picks issue of Hollywood Reporter on June 15th in order to bring the attention of Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars.

So far $1197.19 has been donated towards the ad. The ad will cost $5055, which means we need to raise $3857.81 by June 2nd.

For a paypal link and further information on Phase II of this project please check Emmy Nomination page.

[05.04.05] Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars wins Three Saturn Awards!

Best Television Presentation:
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Best Actor on Television: Ben Browder
Best Actress on Television: Claudia Black

Follow the link for a complete list of 2005 Saturn Award Winners. Peacekeeper Wars and Ben and Claudia were up against some serious mainstream competition, so these awards are especially meaningful. This recognition is another step toward getting Farscape on the big screen.

Congratulations to Ben, Claudia and Brian!

For pictures and to discuss this exciting news, follow the link to Kansas: Three Saturn Awards!

[05.02.05] 1st Docudot Burbank 2004 interview is up!

During the Official Convention in Burbank 2004, Docudot was able to sit down with the cast members of Farscape for interviews. Docudot has recently finished with the editing and uploading of some of those interviews and have released the first, with the uber-talented Ben Browder, for your enjoyment.

There will be many more interviews coming up for release, including interviews with Claudia Black, Gigi Edgely, Anthony Simcoe, Wayne Pygram, Francesca Buller, and David Franklin.

Many, many thanks to the cast members and to Creation Entertainment for making these interviews possible, and to the Docudot crew, which spent the majority of their con weekend trapped away in a little room helping make this labor of love.

To access the interviews, visit the Docudot website at: Docudot. Click on "downloads" to find the interview which has been split into three parts. As usual, Ben is his informative, funny, charming self and all three parts of the interview are well worth watching.

[04.19.05] PK Wars Emmy Award Ad Update

As of today, April 18, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. EST, 'Scapers have reached their first Must Reach Goal. The PK Wars Emmy Nominations Project currently has a balance of:

$2334.11 U.S.

Must Reach Goal #1 costs $2210.00 U.S., so this balance puts us $124.11 into Must Reach Goal #2.

How much do we need to make Must Goal #2 (The Hollywood Reporter Ad) happen?

The total we need to reach is $5055.00.

How much do we have left to raise?


Many, many thanks to everybody that has donated towards the project!

For more information on Must Reach Goal #2 please check Emmy Nomination Project page. We have a paypal link set up but if you like to contribute and would prefer snail mail the details can be found there also. Remember the next deadline is May 25th. We can do it!

[04.16.05] PK Wars $2.00 Emmy Award Challenge

Hey fellow S'capers! How would you like to do something today that will raise Farscape awareness across the nation? Dig into the kid's piggy bank, find those quarters, nickles and dimes from under the sofa cushions, forgo the 99 cent nuggets and fries and donate $2.00 to the Emmy Award fund to get Farscape: The PK Wars nominated for an Emmy.

But your contribution doesn't stop there. Send a proof of your $2.00 U.S. (or more) donation to Pendragon and Kechara420 and they will each contibute an additional $1.00 U.S.

We have a paypal link set up on the Peacekeeper Wars Emmy Nomination Project page but if you would prefer snail mail the details are there also. Remember the April 25th deadline is fast approaching. Come on guys, almost everyone can afford $2.00.

If you haven't already donated any money to this great project please do so today! Your $2.00 will help more than you can imagine.

Fund update: As of April 14 'Scapers have donated $1,726.69 U.S.!

[04.11.05] PK Wars Emmy Nomination Fund Update

It has been 11 days since we kicked off fundraising for this project and the total as of yesterday - 4/10/2005 PST 2:27pm was $1,433.63 U.S.

Good Job 'Scapers! This puts us $776.37 U.S. from our #1 Must Reach Goal - the Emmy Magazine ad that is due at the end of the month. We're close for the first ad!

If anyone wishes to donate to this worthwhile project we have a paypal link set up on the Peacekeeper Wars Emmy Nomination Project page about two thirds of the way down. It is set up for Canadian dollars so you don't need to worry about conversion to US funds. It will get done on their end. Thanks to all you wonderful 'Scapers out there!

[04.03.05] Space Gift Basket Update

As promised we have added pictures and further details to the Space Gift Basket page. Many thanks to Susescaper for going above and beyond expectations. The food basket is awesome. Take a look and see what 'Scaper creativity and Susescaper's hard work produced!

[04.01.05] Update on Emmy Award Nominations Project

Attention 'Scapers! Read about Phase 1 of the fan based initiative to raise awareness of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Emmy Nomination Project. A Paypal donation button has been set up on the page.

Currently after the first 24 hours of fundraising donations stand at $914.57 U.S.

'Scapers Rock! But we still have a long way to go, and remember, even those small donations add up. Every little bit helps.

[03.31.05] Farscape Syndication News!

20th Television Syndication is doing the ad sales for Farscape's broadcast syndication starting in September. They have added a listing for Farscape here on their website designed to sell their properties to advertisers:

Syndicated Netword Television Association

Farscape coverage is currently at 92 percent of the United States. Farscape has never been in syndication before and there is a large audience that has not even heard of it. Considering what we have managed to accomplish so far, this bodes well for the future.


For a chance to meet all those 'Scapers that you have only encountered on-line, consider attending the Official Farscape Convention in Burbank this Fall. Click the banner below for more information.

This site is part of an international effort to save Farscape. For more information about the global campaign, visit

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