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[06.04.06] Television Without Pity to recap entire Farscape Series!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen you read correctly. TWoP will be recapping the entire Farscape series, all 88 episodes, this summer. No more will 'Scapers need to win the charity auction to get their favourite episode the TWoP treatment!

TWoP does not recap cancelled shows very often and this is excellent news for increasing Farscape's exposure.

Check out the TWoP link for the recaps that 'Scapers won in the Charity Auctions, and wait for the new recaps as they appear. Don't forget to drop in at the forums and chat with other 'Scapers.

This is one of the good days people!

[05.28.06] Preorder Paul Goddards NEW CD!

Paul has written and arranged all the music on the CD and there is even a wonderful jazz number featuring Claudia Black. Paul sings on several tracks and the instrumentals are amazing.

This is a full CD of 11 songs, over 50 minutes of music. A wonderful combination of jazz and easy listening.......(sorry you rock and rollers, there is none of that here) but the musicianship is fantastic.

Go to MOVE Coleman Smith to learn more about the CD and listen to samples. (Coleman Smith is Paul's nom de plume.)

If you order between now and June 10th, and wish to have your item personalized, just say so when you order under "comments". The personalized CD's will not be mailed out until June 30th.

To order go to Peachtree Services. For more information and to read some of Paul's responses to fan reaction to his CD check out Paul Goddard's New CD IS READY TO GO!!! **Paul's reply on page 3**.

[05.28.06] The Scapecast Episode 3 is Up!

The new episode of The Scapecast is available for download now!

Features include: Farscape Trivia, News, Zhaan Character Review, a new segment called "Heckling from the Balcony" reviewing the Premiere Episode, ScapeCast Beacon, and Responses to the Question of the Week - "What is your favorite episode of either season one or season two?" Spoiler Rating is Season 2.

Don't forget to check out the discussion forums for your opportunity to answer the next Question of the Week.

[05.13.06] War Minister Ahkna Pin!

Hank has a new pin available on his site: the terrifying War Minister Ahkna.

This pin was sponsored by the Mad Hatters; fans of "Our Lady of the Hat". Or in other words fans of Francesca Buller, who played four characters on Farscape.

The pin is available for $2.50 U.S., and if you are interested in this pin, or any of Hank's ten other Farscape themed pins, click the link to Farscape Canada's Other Merchandise.

[05.05.06] New Interview with Brian Henson - Farscape Mention

Brian Henson has been doing interviews to promote the release of Dinosaurs on DVD. During this interview with the Toronto Star, he mentions the probability of new Farscape. Go to the News Archive and check out Like Father Like Son for the full story.

Very encouraging news.

[04.22.06] The ScapeCast Episode One is Free and Flying!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is a momentous occasion - the first episode of The ScapeCast has been released!

Check it out by going to The ScapeCast and downloading the episode. There are even show notes for those who want to follow up on the news links, and a small article contributed and voiced by yours truly *cough*.

Don't forget to sign up with Feedblitz (on the righthand side of the front page) to be notified whenever a new episode is available.

All feedback is welcome, so please join our forum and let us know what you think. This is YOUR podcast, so you need to tell us what YOU want to hear.

Give us a listen and share the wonders we have seen.

[04.14.06] Farscape Canada Presents... A Chiana T-shirt!

As many of you know, Gigi Edgley will be attending Timeless Destinations in Vancouver, Canada this August, and in honour of the event Farscape Canada would like to present her with:

A Chiana T-Shirt!

The shirt was designed by the wonderful Ratscape (all hail Ratscape)!

Last year we were able to give a Harvey T-shirt to Wayne Pygram at the Burbank Convention. This year itís Gigiís turn, but we will also have a few extras made for other con-goers.

The T-shirts have not yet been printed and we are looking at making a limited run, so if anyone online would like one as well, we would need to know as soon as possible. Farscape Canada is providing these T-shirts at cost for $22.00 CAD, which includes the cost of shipping within North America. Larger sizes (XXL and XXXL) would be $3 extra, as would international shipping. The printer suggests that the T-shirts be printed on Navy Blue or Black for maximum impact.

If you would like to reserve a Chiana tshirt, please e-mail Farscape Canada with details such as your size and colour preferences. No payment will be required until the tshirts are ready in late April or early May.

[04.03.06] The Farscape Podcast is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

The Farscape Podcast Group now has an official name thanks to YOU! We are the Farscape Podcast Group no more. Now we are...

The ScapeCast!

ScapeCast won the vote by a huge margin, and we're excited to finally have a real name. We're so excited, that we're announcing the grand opening of our web site this weekend. At our web site, you will find links to our programming, our forums, our voicemail number, instructions and tips on how YOU can participate, future polls, contests, a way to subscribe to our web site's news blog via e-mail, and much, much more.

We're currently working on our premiere podcast, and we'd like you to contribute to it. Head on over to our forums for instructions on what we'd like you to do and how you can do it. In the meantime, check out the site, give us your ideas, and get ready for what we know will be a long run of very informative, entertaining, and relevant news, talk, and fun.

The ScapeCast

[03.28.06] Anthony Simcoe in Italy at Deepcon!

The Farscape Italian Club was instrumental in helping to organise Anthony Simcoe's appearance at Deepcon in Italy this past weekend. Here is a picture of Anthony, Giovanni (the president of the FSIC) in the centre and Bernardo Lanzetti, an Italian singer/song writer.

More convention report from Deepcon to come.

[03.17.06] St. Patricks Day!

Wishing all 'Scapers the luck o'the Kalish!

[03.13.06] Good News and Bad News

Bad news first.

Superstation WGN has rescheduled its Farscape airing to 4:30 a.m. Sundays, and 4:00 a.m. Mondays (EST). Unfortunately WGN is Farscape's biggest syndicator. This will definitely affect the ratings since casual viewers are not as numerous at that early hour. If Farscape loses its syndication due to declining ratings potential film investors will also lose interest.

How can you help?

Please send your polite feedback to WGN Superstation, mention you are a fan and would be most appreciative if the show was aired at a more accessible time. It is also helpful if give your demographics but not mandatory.

In addition if you can, set your TV up to record Farscape. WGN will not not know your demographic but will know the show is being recorded. And yes, Canadian eyballs do count.

To make an even bigger impact, may we suggest a written letter? For the cost of an 0.89 cent stamp your letter could have an exponentially huge impact. Please write:

Ken Reiner, Director of Programming
WGN TV & Superstation WGN
Tribune Company
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Now for the good news. Yes, there is some.

Television without Pity finally posted Jacob's recap of A Human Reaction. Yay!

Jacob wrote a sensitive, insightful, brilliant recap. Please read it. At the bottom of the last page you can grade the episode and when you are done, let Jacob know what you think. Recappers love feedback and I think this is a stellar job.

Quoting from the recap: "Behind Wilson, John screams, jumping, pounding on the glass, heartbreaking. Given their history, I'd imagine this is a nightmare John's had before: seeing his father, unable to speak to him, his father unable to hear his voice, calling out; so close to him, but unable to touch him."

Jacob is a 'Scaper and did this episode proud.

If you wish to discuss this recap with other 'Scapers, TWoP has created a Farscape Subforum on their board and here is the A Human Reaction discussion thread. Just so you know, Television without Pity is mentioned often in the New York Times and MSNBC has a running column by TWoPs two founders which always links back to the site. So a higher profile for Farscape on this board is a good thing.

[03.05.06] Letter Campaign Update!

Rumours nothwithstanding, Farscape's future relies upon the ability of the-powers-that-be to convince financial investors that there is an audience for future Farscape.

That is where you come in.

Check out the updated Letter Campaign page to see how you can best target your energies. It only takes a little effort on your part, but the impact is exponentially more than you can imagine.

Also added the two relevant articles to the News Archive. Gotta keep up with the buzz in the industry, doncha know.

[02.27.06] More Rumours...!

The rumours are flying thick and fast....

At the recent New York Comic-Con, ADV Films co-founder Matt Greenfield let something slip about new Farscape.

"In response to a question about non-Japanese content from ADV, Greenfield stated that the Farscape anime was "still being talked about," but that current buzz was about a feature film."

NYCC: ADV Films Acquires Prefectural Earth Defense Force, Expands Anime Network

A "MirrorMask" type of Farscape would be an incredible idea, however a feature film would in no way be a disappointment. Whatever the Powers-That-Be decide ... any new Farscape would be welcome.

Also check out the Merchandise page. Hank has released a new pin, this time a Peacekeeper Ident Chip.

Very nice.

[02.14.06] Happy Valentines Days 'Scapers!

Plus in honour of this special day (and to add to the sacharrine) I have a link to a hilarious music video by Avenue Potter: Twelve

Bite Me!

*Still excited over yesterday's rumour.*

[02.13.06] Truth? Rumor? Spoiler?

This is an interesting statement from the Wonder-Con Day 1 report posted at MoviesOnline: "Valoy's involvement in the panel was to let us know of the dealings TokyoPop has with the Jim Henson Company. Coming this fall is a story-furthering set of three 160 paged "Labyrinth" graphic novels and an animated "Dark Crystal" series. The biggest news the gentlemen brought to the table was the announcement of a "Dark Crystal" sequel (to be directed by Genndy Tartovski, director of "Star Wars: Clone Wars") to be here sometime in 2008, and the "Farscape" project the Henson Co. is currently working on."

Currently working on? Hummmmmm....

Also, just a reminder that today is the premiere of Farscape in Italy. This is one of the good days people!

[02.10.06] 75% off Farscape DVDs at ADV!

ADV is holding a massive sale on Farscape DVDs, including the Starburst Editions! If you were holding off on buying the DVDs because they were too expensive now is the time. Click the banner for details. (All prices are in US dollars.)

The Starburst Editions are the best value for dollar. So what are you waiting for? Go!

[02.08.06] Support the "To Be Continued" fund!

Check out this eBay auction by the Farscape Webmaster's Association:

Interlopers book and CD Ben Browder Autograph - Farscape

Ben signed a copy of the Interlopers audiobook to be used as a fundraiser for the To Be Continued.... Fund (supporting fan efforts to promote Farscape), and graciously included a paperback copy of the novel that was the very one he read to prepare for doing the audio book! Wow! Well, *I* think it's really cool, anyway!

All proceeds from this auction go to the TBC fund (which, by the way, is available to help out with fan tables at conventions!).

Check out the auction and read the note Ben wrote in the book.... That's our boy!

[02.07.06] More Docudot Interviews!

More Burbank 2004 stuff from Watchfarscape Docudot. The gang saying what their favourite word is, least favourite and turn ons (ahem!). These are just the first three of ten questions that the cast was asked.

Ten Questions

Claudia's favourite word had me in stitches as did a few others. Anthony Simcoe is a nut... seriously.

Check them out and tell your friends!

Also, many thanks to the Farscape Cast Members that have taken part in all the interviews, The Jim Henson Company, Creation Entertainment, and the Docudot Team who donated their time, skills, and efforts to making these possible!

If anyone has problems watching the clips, make sure you have the most recent version of quicktime installed. If you're still having problems, the docudot team members recommend using VLC 0.8.4.

[02.03.06] Another TWoP Recap?

A group of posters at Television Without Pity are currently bidding on the latest auction for another recap of a Farscape episode. So far, Scapers have won two of these auctions and the results have been hilarious:

Crackers Don't Matter

Several newbies have been intrigued enough by the recaps to start watching the series... so this a good way to get new eyeballs.

If you are interested in helping 'Scapers win this auction the deadline for participation is February 6th. For more information on how you can participate, please join this yahoo group:
Farscape for Kids. Moreover if we don't win this auction the money is kept in reserve till the next auction and then we start again.

In addition a poll has been set up where you can vote on which episode you'd like to see recapped. Once it's narrowed down to five, the final vote will be up to anyone who has donated. To vote for your favourite episode check out:
Which episode do you want recapped?

Remember all proceeds from this auction will go to benefit a children's charity. For more information check out Tubey's Kids. Thanks!

[01.31.06] Italian 'Scaper Package has Landed!

Just got a quick e-mail from Giovanni. The package has arrived a whole five days early. Canada Post did us proud!

Here is the note that he sent:

Dear [Me],
it is hard to say... but italian postal services didn't fail this time!
I had the package just a few microt ago.
I am so excited and so happy. You folks are so special. The t-shirt is a beauty, the stuff amazing. I cannot say how deeply I appreciate all this from you.
I am going to work right now but be sure I will be back to you with new impressions about the package, and I will as soon write about it on the web site. All the stuff will be with me at the Convention in March, on our desk. You will have pictures of that.
You ARE more.
Giovanni and the FSIC'ers

Good job 'Scapers!

[01.24.06] FS.I.C. 'Scaper Goodies!

Once again TBZF with the help of many other Canadian 'Scapers has outdone herself. Here is a picture of the contents of the package that we are sending to Giovanni and the Farscape Italian 'Scapers to help them celebrate the premiere of Farscape on Italian TV. A premiere, incidentally, that the Italian Scapers were instrumental in organising.

Congratulations to the FS.I.C and wishes for many more Farscape successes in the future!

We are still a little short on postage so if anyone is feeling generous we would be most grateful for a donation to the cause:

Thank you to TBZF and all other contributors to the gift package, and especially the FS.I.C. 'Scapers Rock!

[01.23.06] Farscape 2006 Calendars and Leather Duster!

Frelling Finally! The 2006 'Scaper calendar is ready to order. 'Scapers all over the world have contributed to this calendar and it includes fantastic coverart by Ratscape, hilarious contributions by Ajarscape and an exceptional drawing of Crais (Mr. May) by Jagwriter78 - not to mention contributions by many other talented people.

I am always impressed and awed at the talent on display by this fan base - and their willingness to share their talent (most of these people are professionals) to help a worthy cause. This time it is the American Red Cross.

Check out the calendar at Cafe Press Scaper Fan Art Calender 2006 and order yours today. (I did.)

In addition, a company named Abby Shot Custom Clothing is considering making John's Season Three Peacekeeper Coat and perhaps Aeryn's Coat as well. They have not yet committed the design(s) to their development schedule so please follow the link and express your support so that every fan who wants one can have the opportunity to own a replica.

I had the opportunity to wear John's leather coat at Burbank this year and believe me that was a thrill. The real coat and vest were auctioned off for $20,000.00 US but I am sure these replicas would be considerably less. Note: This company does not make costume pieces they make replicas that can be worn EVERYDAY. So please write them Farscape Peacekeeper Coat and Vest and tell them that the Farscape community wants Peacekeeper Coats.

[01.15.06] Farscape At Timeless Destinations!

Timeless Destinations will be featuring four (count 'em - four!) Farscape cast members this year. David  Franklin (Braca), Lani Tupu (Crais and Pilot), Gigi Edgley (Chiana) and Wayne Pygram (Scorpius). To see what the cast members look like out of makeup (Wayne Pygram looks remarkably human) and to ask questions about the show, be at the Richmond Inn in Vancouver this July  31 to August 6.

Farscape Canada is also planning on having a Fan table in place. If anyone is thinking of going and would like to get a discounted ticket rate, please email

This is a terrific opportunity for Canadian 'Scapers to meet the cast and enjoy the added bonus of being able to party with other 'Scapers! Click the banner for more details about Timeless Destinations and be prepared for an awesome time.

[01.01.06] Happy New Cycle!

From all of us at Farscape Canada to all of you.

A quick heads up for those of us who are watching Farscape on WGN. The Season One episodes are moving to 5:00 p.m. EST Saturdays and the Season Two episodes are moving to 4:00 a.m. EST Mondays. 'Scape On!

[12.14.05] Witness the work of the Italian Scapers!!

Snurched from Frell Me Dead.

Great report on progress in growing the Farscape audience & community! Italiani magnifici del lavoro!

Watch Farscape just received a letter a few days ago from the Scaper contingent out in Italy, and they're sending wonderful news about what they've been able to accomplish. Congratulations to Giovanni and the rest of the Scapers there that have worked so hard to make this possible.

Here's the letter:

Dear Staff of Watchfarscape,

I am back to you after an year from last time I wrote.

We are a Farscape fan group from Italy (so forgive me for my bad english). The name of our club is Farscape Italian Club (FS.I.C.) and we live in one of the few country which never had Farscape shown on TV.

In my last note, I wrote you we were planning to license Farscape in our country, trying to push people to watch Farscape through a great project of fansubbing.

It did work.

We got in touch with an italian network which decided to acquire Farscape's rights for Italy and a DVD society which choose to stake on this product by using our help as italian texts' supervisors and advisors about the show.

Farscape is now finally reaching Italy; the dubbers are working about season II and in february this show will finally be aired in our country.

We consider what happened somehow a personal achievement, and we are really glad to be able to tell you that Farscape in Italy will have all our support, and is ready to get its place in our country with an excellent version.

I think this news maybe will interest you, as "community of farscape fans". We are so excited we are finally reaching you and we are ready to get our place among you.

Virginia Hey, as our most distinguished member, sent us a beautiful letter with a wonderful special dedication. You can see it on our home page (FarScape Italian Club) and in our special section devoted to Zhaan. Her comment and support makes us so proud.

Please, let me know if you can make a note about our club on your web-site, just to let someone know Italy is scaped too.

Thank you for all your wonderful work
Giovanni Casano
Dominar of FS.I.C.
FarScape Italian Club

Check out the Italian 'Scapers website and run their intro. You can choose the long or short version. Very cool. Anyone know how to program Flash?




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