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[06.23.07] A New TWoP Recap for Taking the Stone and TWoPs Rewatch: PK Tech Girl

Keckler has just released a new recap for Taking The Stone!

Everybody Must Get Stoned
And so should you. I wish I had before witnessing Chiana dealing with this year's demons with mud-dreds, shrooms, cliff jumps, and freak-ass poses.

Check it out, and don't forget to leave Keckler some feedback on the forums. Recappers love feedback.

In addition, our talented poster maker gilliam has given us two posters for the next episode on the Television Without Pity's Rewatch:

Try to guess the inspiration for the second poster. It is as funny as last weeks.

Moya encounters a destroyed Command Carrier where no Command Carrier should be - and it isn't Crais. Deciding to board the derelict the crew discovers that the ship is not as derelict as they thought. In addition it turns out that they are not the only ones interested in the abandoned war ship.

Don't forget to check out Jacob's recap of PK Tech Girl.

Live Through This With Me
Rygel and Aeryn have a horrible homecoming to the wreck of the great Zelbinion, Zhaan and D'Argo get some bendy in their morals, and John makes out like a bandit. Literally.

Discussion begins on Monday, July 9st. Everyone welcome!

For those who want to know where the inspiration to last weeks poster for "Thank God Its Friday, Again" check out this link.

[06.23.07] TWoP Rewatch: Thank God It's Friday, Again!

The next episode on Television Without Pity's Rewatch:

D'Argo decides to leave Moya, abandon his search for his son and take up farming on a planet that used to be industrialised and diversified but has regressed into a total agrarian economy. Zhaan and John decide to talk to him to find out if this is what he really wants. Meanwhile Rygel believes that someone is trying to assasinate him and while Aeryn tries to figure out who or what is behind the attempt she and Pilot get closer.

Don't forget to check out Jacob's recap of Thank God It's Friday, Again.

Last Tanga in the Paris Commune
D'Argo finds inner peace on a commune, Aeryn finds her inner Tech Girl, John finds his inner bellyworm, Rygel finds his inner blowtorch, and Zhaan finds her inner cult member. Subtextual Magic Eightball says, "Point unclear."

Discussion begins on Monday, July 1st. Everyone welcome!

How many people recognise the inspiration the artist drew on to create the above poster? I will post the answer next week. It is hilarious.

[06.23.07] TWoP Rewatch: Back and Back and Back to the Future!

Moya finds herself host to two Ilanics who escape their exploding ship - but one of the Ilanics seems to be pursing an agenda that might not be advantageous to the rest of the group.

Watch for the image of Aeryn and the PK Symbol. Stellar bit of storytelling there.

Don't forget to check out the Back and Back and Back to the Future Recap by Jacob.

...And Wash Away The Rain
A fake hobag with a ridiculously obnoxious voice freaks out on John's mind -- and everybody in the cast dies like sixty times -- when some fake scientists show up and go all Oppenheimer with some tech beyond their ken.

Discussion begins on Monday, June 25th. Everyone welcome!

The Long Hot Farscapey Summer continues!

[06.15.07] TWoP Rewatch: Throne for a Loss!

Next episode is ... Throne for a Loss!

Rygel is kidnapped by a race called the Tavleks and reluctantly Aeryn, Crichton and D'Argo are compelled to save him from his fate. Meanwhile Zhaan tries to offer a young Tavlek choices.

Watch for the earliest appearance of Beskesh.

Don't forget to check out the Throne for a Loss Recap by Jacob.

Right Now I'm A Race Car
Throne For A Loss - John and the Adrenaline Twins go toe-to-toe with a little bit of the old ultraviolence in a Roid Rage Cage Match

Discussion begins on Monday, June 18th. Everyone welcome! Oh and - The guy knows mud.

The Long Hot Farscapey Summer continues!

[06.09.07] Next Up: Exodus from Genesis!

Just a quick heads up that the next episode to be discussed in the The Great Farscape Rewatch on TWoP is Exodus From Genesis. Discussion begins on Monday to give us all time to rewatch the episode and reread the Recap by Jacob.

And once again a beautiful poster by gilliam to get us all in the mood.

The Long Hot Farscapey Summer continues!

[06.04.07] The Great Farscape ReWatch at TWoP has Begun!

The fans of Farscape at the website Television Without Pity have organised The Great Farscape Rewatch. We will be watching one episode a week, starting with "Premiere" May 28.

Don't forget to join TWoP, vote on the poll and jump right in on our discussion threads. Each episode will have its own dedicated discussion thread (with attached recap if already written).

Check out the Television Without Pity Calendar for all the dates. (Yes, we will be taking Christmas week off). Posters will employ spoiler tags when referencing future episodes since there are lots of newbies registered.

I am looking forward to reading your impressions of each episode as we get to them. The long hot Farscapey Summer awaits!

[06.03.07] TWoP Recap of A HIDDEN MEMORY is up!

Couch Baron has just posted his recap of the Season One episode of A Hidden Memory. This is the second half of Farscape's first two parter and is a worthy addition to Television Without Pity's growing accumulation of Farscape Recaps. Make sure that you drop Couch Baron an e-mail and then post your thoughts on the A Hidden Memory thread at TWoP.

I love the last line of this recap: "The episodes that changed everything! How they did not disappoint." Couch Baron did a great job. Can't wait to see what he has in store for us with "Bone to be Wild".

[05.01.07] Updates to the Farscape Canada Library Project

Farscape Canada is happy to announce that our favourite show is continuing to make inroads into various libraries across Canada. Recent updates include the addition of some Starburst DVDs to Calgary, additional Farscape DVDs to Burnaby, Fraser Valley, Okanagan and Surrey (all 12 Starbursts!) and Newfoundland DVDs are now catalogued and circulating.

Keep making formal requests of your local library for Farscape and soon we will have the entire country 'Scaped!

Don't forget that Sony needs to feel some of that famous 'Scaper love. Please write and let them know that 'Scapers want a new release of Season One Farscape. We need to keep those libraries stocked somehow!

Here's the address:
Customer Relations
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
10202 W. Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

'Scape On!

[04.20.07] Send Sony Some Scaper Love!

Attention 'Scapers! This is important. Crossposting Cosmic Theorist's post from Terra Firma:

Now that it can be officially known that Sony has acquired the DVD rights for Farscape's first season, the folks over at the Frell Me Dead forums suggest that we Scapers send Sony some of that Scaper Love that the campaign to Save Farscape was so famous for delivering. Let Sony know HOW much we care about Farscape and how much we want THEIR DVD release to succeed. You can think of it as a way to POLITELY let Sony KNOW there is a lot of pent up demand for MORE Farscape out in the universe.

Remember that DVD sales told Warner Brothers there was pent up demand for more Babylon 5, and WB has responded by producing straight to DVD Babylon 5 movies. DVD sales have also convinced MGM that there is pent up demand for more SG-1 and Dead Like Me, and MGM has responded by producing straight to DVD SG-1 movies and they just announced this week plans to produce straight to DVD Dead Like Me movies. DVD sales have also told Fox to produce more Futurama.

Are you seeing the pattern?

DVD sales for "cult" series are telling BIG production companies that there is MONEY to be made by producing MORE of those "cult" series that "failed" as weekly television series. And NOW, in this business environment, the very big Sony picks up Farscape's season 1 DVD rights from the small ADV Films.

Could Sony possibly be exploring a straight to DVD option for another "cult" series? Maybe, maybe not. But the "Hollywood" business models are FINALLY working in Farscape's favor. And I think we Scapers should do what we can to ENCOURAGE this trend.

I do not know about anyone else, but I am personally feeling MORE optimistic about getting MORE Farscape then I have since they announced the production of the mini-series.

This is what Jul wrote on the Frell Me Dead Forums:

Anybody want to see a Sony-released Season 1 of Farscape?? It's time for 'Scapers to start the "getting to know you" thing that we do best.
Drop Sony Home Entertainment a line and let them know that you can't wait to see a Farscape release from them. Don't mention blu-ray or hd yet, but just be general... ask for a release. Let's see if they're willing to get something out sooner rather than later.

Here's the address:
Customer Relations
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
10202 W. Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

Pass the word!
Scape On!

[03.29.07] Rockne O'Bannon Added to Burbank!

This is shaping up to be an excellent Farscape convention. Not only has Ben Browder announced that he will attend but Rockne O'Bannon has just confirmed that he will be there, along with Gigi Edgely and Wayne Pygram. Rockne O'Bannon will be closing the Final Convention *sniff* with a Farewell Address to the fans.

Keep an eye on Creation's Farscape page for more exciting news about the Final Frelling Farewell.

[03.20.07] This Just In! A Sikozu Pin!

Hank at Disordered has available for order another cloisonné design pin, this time featuring our favourite Kalish. The pin shows that spoilery thing Sikozu is doing toward the end of the show's last (*sniff*) season. It's one inch tall and about 5/8 inches wide.

You can order the Sikozu pin through our Merchandise Page as well as the earlier designs, all twelve of them.

[03.19.07] Reminder - Claudia Black in The Dresden Files this Sunday!

Just a reminder that Claudia Black will be guest starring in The Dresden Files on Space this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

The episode is called “The Other Dick”. When Chicago PI Jim Brennan is murdered by supernatural means, Harry must team up with Brennan's assistant to find the murderer.

So don't forget to check out Claudia on Sunday night in The Dresden Files!

[03.17.07] Happy St. Patricks Day from all of us at Farscape Canada

If you are still looking to acquire the Farscape DVDs, here is a deal for you. Exyte Canada is currently offering for sale a package deal on the whole Farscape series for $300.00. That is all 12 volumes of the Starburst Editions. Don't miss it!

[03.15.07] Ben Browder and Wayne Pygram signed for Burbank!

Ben Browder and Wayne Pygram are the first two cast members who have announced that they will be at Creation's Final Frellin' Farewell Farscape Convention this coming November 2-4.

Tickets for the Charity Breakfast ($80.00 U.S.) have also gone on sale.

If at all possible 'Scapers, don't miss this convention. It will be the party of a lifetime.

'Scapers are renowned for creating the unique "family" feel to the Official Farscape Convention and over the years attendees have got to know each other and the celebrities far beyond what happens elsewhere. Farscape Fans are famous for partying, but also for making television history in support of the series.

So let us get together one more time - and make history again.

[02.24.07] Claudia Black to guest star on The Dresden Files!

According to a press release issued by SciFi Network:

"In other casting news, Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, Farscape) has recently completed filming a guest-starring role on SCI FI's new original series The Dresden Files. In the episode, entitled "The Other Dick," Black plays Liz Fontaine, an Erin Brockovich-style private eye with a checkered past. Fontaine will give Harry Dresden (Paul Blackthorne) a run for his money, igniting sparks and tensions as they try to investigate the same murder case. The episode will air on Sunday, March 25 at 9:00 pm EST."

You can read the entire press release here. Don't forget to watch Sunday, March 25 at 9:00 pm EST on The Space Channel for Claudia's guest appearance on The Dresden Files.

[02.18.07] Ben Browder 2006 Creation DVD and Gold Tickets on sale!

BEN BROWDER, superstar actor who is Farscape's John Crichton, makes an extremely rare appearance on this 80 minute video documentary filmed at The Official Farscape Convention in Burbank, California in November of 2006.

In this wonderful presentation, Ben talks with his adoring fan audience, answering with intimate and often hysterical anecdotes sure to please the legions of Farscape fans worldwide. Wearing the trademark rabbit costume he wore in the episode "BAD TIMING", Ben proves why he is one of the most interesting and likeable stars of the genre.

Don't forget to check out the preview video clip on the order page. I was at the convention and I laughed the whole time Ben was on stage. It is a "must see" DVD.

Plus! Creation has put the Gold Tickets for the "Final Farewell Farscape Convention" on sale.

The Convention will be in Burbank, California at the Burbank Airport Marriot Hotel, 2500 Hollywood Way, (don't worry, it is the same hotel, just different name) to be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 2-4, 2007.

'Scapers love these conventions because it is a chance to get together to connect with distant friends, meet new ones and party for the whole weekend. It helps that we also get the opportunity to meet the celebrities who make up our wonderful show. Join us in Burbank as we party the weekend away with members of our favourite show!

[02.10.07] HUGE ADV Sale on Farscape

ADV Films is holding a Valentine's Day blowout. Season One Starburst Editions are selling for $8.00 US each. That is a fantastic price. Click the banner for details.

The original DVDs are also on sale, some for as low as $4.00 US each. (Just remember Starburst Editions have seven or eight episodes per edition, the original DVD's have as few as two.)

Check out the sale and make sure you complete your Farscape DVD collection at these great prices.

[02.06.07] Scapecast Episode 22 available

Episode 22 of The Scapecast is available for download.

Featured in this episode is the third prize winner in the Thanks for Sharing Contest, D'Argo's Season 2 Character Review, an analysis of the Mating Habits of the various Denizens of Farscape, Tralk Talk, Trivia, the ScapeCast Beacon, News, and the Question of the Week.

Don't forget to drop by Sci Fi Talk to hear an interview with David Franklin recorded in 2003.

[01.25.07] Ben Browder Interview on Sci Fi Talk

The podcast Sci Fi Talk has just re-released an interview with Ben Browder that took place in 2001. It was just after ADR on Season 3 had been completed and before the last four episodes of that season had aired in the US. Ben talks a little bit about Season 4 and his co-stars, and his training in the UK.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Sci Fi Talk website thanking them for putting it up. Also ask for the David Franklin interview.


[01.21.07] Library Project Update and Scapecast interview with Ben Browder

Farscape Canada Library Project is proud to announce that we have succeeded in our campaign to get Farscape into the Toronto Public Library. Four copies of the entire series has been donated to the Toronto Public Library, provided at cost by Exyte Farscape, the Canadian distributor of the DVDs.

Congratulations 'Scapers. This campaign would not have succeeded without your efforts and generosity. 'Scapers Rock!

But our job isn't done yet. Remember there are still Canadian Libraries out there that need to be 'Scaped. Follow the link for more information about the Library Project and feel free to contact your local library to request Farscape DVDs today.

In addition, the Scapecast Episode 20 is proud to present an interview with Ben Browder. Ben talks about his role as John Crichton, playing Kirk in SG1 and guacamole. Don't miss it!

The Scapecast is also proud to present Episode 21 containing an analysis of how Nietzsche might have watched Farscape and a Season 2 Zhaan Character Review.

Check out the Scapecast to get your Farscape Fix and keep up to date on all the news in the Farscape Universe.




For a chance to meet all those 'Scapers that you have only encountered on-line, consider attending the Official Farscape Convention in Burbank this Fall. Click the banner below for more information.

This site is part of an international effort to save Farscape. For more information about the global campaign, visit

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