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[12.25.07] Merry Frelling Christmas 'Scapers!

Farscape Canada (and Rygel) would like to wish you one and all the very best of the holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Farscape's future in 2008 is looking bright, the webisodes are a positive step towards a return of our favourite show. Keep your fingers crossed 'Scapers, 2008 could be our year.

Stay tuned for a detailed Convention Report from the Burbank Farscape Convention.

[12.02.07] Library Project and Merchandise Update!

The Farscape Canada Library Project has been very active over the past year and we are pleased and proud to announce that as of this date, another nine full season sets have been donated to various libraries around Canada. Almost 150 full season sets of Farscape are available in 64 libraries across the country.

Congratulations 'Scapers! Just think of all the newbies watching the wonders for the first time. 'Scaping Canada one library at a time.

To find out if your local library is on the list check this page for details. If your library does not have Farscape, either whole or in part, you can always use your power as a customer to request it.

Also Farscape Canada is now offering for sale on our Merchandise Page in limited quantities, Television without Pity Farscape T-shirts,

as well as the in demand Rygel Plushie and the adorable DRD Plushie.

Check out the Merchandise Page for details on both T-shirts and Plushies.

[10.29.07] Farscaper's Delight!

Check out the Holiday Gift Basket at Troll and Toad.

The gift basket includes:

    Rygel Plush
    DRD Plush
    DRD Figure
    Aeryn Sun Boxed Figure
    Rygel XVI Dominar of Hyneria Action Figure
    D'argo Cold Resin Statue
    Drak x2

Troll and Toad is offering huge savings over buying each piece individually. Don't delay, get the 'Scaper in your life the best gift ever!

[10.16.07] TWoP Rewatch: Bone to be Wild!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is Bone to be Wild! Yes, a terrible pun.

Don't forget to read the TWoP recap of Bone to be Wild ...

Pray For Osteoporosis
There's a creature on the loose that eats bones, and a botanist that looks like a large mound of something or other. One of those is an enemy. Also enemies: Crais and Scorpius, who try to put their dislike of each other on hold long enough to find Moya. They fail, particularly at the first part.

...and then drop in on the TWoP Farscape Forums to chat about the episode.

I am behind in posting some rewatch reminders. So without further ado...

An "intellant" (don't ask) virus boards Moya, causing a series of events leading to Aeryn getting stabbed with a huge knife. She recovers, though -- OR DOES SHE? (She doesn't, exactly.) NOOOO!

Do Not Go Gentle
In the first installment of a two-parter, Aeryn's dying, so Crichton and Chiana head to the Gammak base to find a cure. Major players include Crais, Gilina, newbies Stark and Scorpius, and a nasty torture chair in which Crichton spends quite a bit of the episode. Chiana returns to Moya in time to save Aeryn, but Crichton's fate is the cliffhanger.

A Kiss Before Dying
Gilina helps Crichton fool the Aurora Chair and escape, only to get shot by Scorpius for her efforts. She shares an uplifting vision with Stark and a deathbed kiss with Crichton. Crais ends up in the chair, and Aeryn gets a lot of satisfaction from that. And Moya now has a son that's covered with weapons. That'll end well.

Look for Family Ties next week!

[09.16.07] TWoP Rewatch: Through the Looking Glass!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is Through the Looking Glass!

Don't forget to read the TWoP recap of Through the Looking Glass ...

Lewis Carroll Never Imagined This
The crew wants to abandon Moya , leading to events that split the ship into four dimensions. Everyone pitches in to save the day except for Rygel and Chiana, who just get stoned together. Wheee!

...and then drop in on the TWoP Farscape Forums to chat about the episode.

[09.09.07] TWoP Rewatch: A Human Reaction!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is A Human Reaction!

Don't forget to read the TWoP recap of A Human Reaction ...

The Human Reaction
John Crichton accidentally gets hold of the entire rest of the series in this first-season Farscape episode, but at least he earns it. Sex and vivisection and the tears of the truly beautiful inform yet another episode of this always-underestimated series.

...and then drop in on the TWoP Farscape Forums to chat about the episode.

[09.01.07] TWoP Rewatch: Durka Returns!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is Durka Returns!

Don't forget to read the TWoP recap of Durka Returns ...

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is...

...and then drop in on the TWoP Farscape Forums to chat about the episode.

This is where Farscape really started to become the show we know and love. Don't miss it!

[08.26.07] TWoP Rewatch: Jeremiah Crichton!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is Jeremiah Crichton!

Ummmmm. Shirtless Crichton....

No! What I meant was: Fantastic poster by gilliam ... again.

Just one suggestion when rewatching this episode. If you have the Starburst Edition of the DVD's watch with the commentary turned on. If you don't have the Starburst Edition, The John Aeryn Site has a copy of the transcribed commentary. It would be fun to read it before you watched. Believe me - the comments that Ben, Claudia, Rockne O. and David Kemper have about this episode are hysterical.

Don't forget to check out Couch Baron's recap on Television Without Pity:

Next Time, Just Count To Ten
Crichton loses his temper and stomps off Moya, and gets stranded on a primitive planet for three months for his trouble. How primitive? Well, the inhabitants think Rygel's their god, so you figure it out.

[08.05.07] TWoP Rewatch: 'Till the Blood Runs Clear!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is 'Till The Blood Runs Clear!

Don't forget to check out Jacob's recap on Television Without Pity:
Till The Suck Runs Out
Continuity: meet the dog people and Big Momma Furlow, not to mention Zhaan's other dirty little secret. Quality: low to poor. Quantity: easily five hundred hours longer than any other episode.

[07.25.07] More Info About the Webisodes!

A very nice article appeared in Buzzine about the Farscape Webisodes.

Farscape Web Series Ordered - Will Starburst on SciFi Channel Site

"Farscape, the most inventive (and truly beloved) science-fiction TV series of the past decade ..."

And more news from Brian Henson! TV Guide (bless Matt Rousch) got an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Exclusive: Farscape Producer Talks About the Franchise's Future

"[E]xecutive producer Brian Henson gave TV Guide some scoop about the upcoming revival, and also indicated that bigger plans for the franchise lie ahead."

Don't forget to give these articles lots of hits. TV Guide has been a very good friend of Farscape through the years and they deserve the support.

We are getting MORE Farscape!

[07.21.07] TWoP Rewatch: DNA Mad Scientist!

The next episode in the Television Without Pity Rewatch is DNA Mad Scientist!

Don't forget to check out Jacob's recap on Television Without Pity:
Putting Out, With Dark Sunglasses
Aeryn gets a face full of Pilot after everybody goes nuts trying to find a way home. Insane military commander or not, they're asking for trouble.

Roger Corman was the source for the quote on the "That Old Black Magic" poster. Mr. Corman was a film producer primarily known for low-budget exploitation movies.

[07.15.07] Farscape LIVES!

Frell Yeah!

The "Farscape" franchise will live on as a live-action Web series. Sci Fi Channel executive Craig Engler confirmed that the company has closed a deal with The Jim Henson Company for a 10-episode webisode series. So far no stars or writers are signed to appear and no story plotted, but if successful, the project could lead to re-igniting the franchise on the air. See this article for more: SUMMER PRESS TOUR: 'Farscape,' 'BSG' webisodes

SCIFI's Exec VP/General Manager David Howe has stated that some of the show's original cast would be appearing, but would not specify who fans could expect to see.

Gateworld is reporting the following that the episodes are going to be Executive Produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi, Jr, and produced by The Jim Henson Company with association from RHI Enterprises. Their purpose - " revive and expand the beloved Farscape universe".

This is fabulous news for all Scapers! Pass it On!!

[07.14.07] "That Old Black Magic" in the TWoP Rewatch!

So... do you know who Roger Corman is? heh.

Zhaan, D'Argo, Aeryn and Crichton go shopping. Zhaan finds an apothocary to her liking, Crichton finds a fool, Aeryn talks about a bird with two heads and D'Argo realises that some things come at a very high price.

Don't forget to read Jacob's recap for this episode.

When We First Took The Pill
The most widely hated guest villain in the entire series shows up for the first time to wreak some havoc. Rygel and Aeryn and D'Argo escape with not so many scars; everybody else is not so lucky.

Feel free to join TWoP's discussion threads for this episode, or any of them.

Here is the link to what inspired gilliam (the artist) for the second "PK Tech Girl" poster. He!

[07.11.07] TWoP Farscape Themed T-Shirts!

To help celebrate the long, hot Farscapey summer, Television Without Pity is offering Farscape Themed T-shirts for sale.

When daily life is a dispiriting grind; when you feel you've gotten bogged down in prosaic human concerns; when your problems seem impossibly large; when you've forgotten what it was like to be young and dream of the unfathomable cosmos... that's when you need to look upward, and remember that your worldly problems are actually quite small, and that the universe of possibilities is very, very big.

Don't delay. These limited edition T-shirts are only available for order until the end of July. And when they are gone... they're gone.




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