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[12.31.09] Happy New Year!

From everyone here at Farscape Canada.

Happy Holidays

[11.21.09] Farscape The Complete Series Megaset DVD available!

A&E Home Video and The Jim Henson Company has just released the new Farscape The Complete Series Megaset. The DVDs ranked as the #2 best seller on The new Megaset contains all the cool extras that the Starburst Editions had with the added value of improved picture plus NEW content!

Some of the new content is a 2009 Comic Con interview with Brian Henson, Rockne O'Bannon, Ben Browder and Claudia Black, "Farscape Undressed" which was only aired in the US twice and the episode "Re-Union" which has never been aired anywhere. "Re-Union" was reworked substantially and issued as the episode "Dream a Little Dream".

A&E Home Video is also making available for purchase individual season sets for those who want to complete their collection.

Don't miss out on this 10th Anniversary Special!

[11.15.09] Farscape Comic: Tangled Roots available for order!

The ongoing Farscape Comic series "Tangled Roots" is now available for order through Farscape Canada. You can order indiviudal copies OR combine your order for the first four comics and get a discount on shipping and handling.

Check out the artwork for the first three covers and the first eleven(!) pages here. There are mega-spoilers in the preview so sensitive readers beware!

[10.10.09] Holy dren, The comics are ongoing!

Farscape fans have made the Farscape comic mini-series such successes that Boom!Studios decided to make Farscape an ongoing series.

Secrets are revealed, alliances are made, and hearts are broken in this, the start of a new chapter in the lives of your favorite characters. Written by the creator of the show Rockne S. O'Bannon and covers by Joe Corroney and Dennis Calero.

Check out the artwork for the first three covers and the first eleven(!) pages here. There are mega-spoilers in the preview so sensitive readers beware!

[07.20.09] Farscape Canada is now accepting preorders...

...for the two NEW Farscape Comics!

The comic book series, Gone and Back is due to be released by July 22nd and D'Argo's Trial shortly thereafter. Order your copies today!

In addition, the Farscape comic book series have been so successful that FSC is giving them their own mechandise page. Check out the new Farscape Comic Merchandise Page to order your copies. FSC's commitment to speed and service remains unchanged so check it out today.

[06.23.09] TV Guide's TV's Best Male/Female Duos

This week TV Guide is testing your knowledge of various TV Sci Fi couples. Check out the quiz here. Kind of interesting that John and Aeryn are the only couple who are pictured showing affection towards each other. Wonder why that would be?

In addition, Farscape Season One DVDs are included in Farscape Canada's Summer Sale! Check out the merchandise page for more details.

[06.12.09] Ten of the most appealing characters on TV

It has been a busy week for Farscape in the media world. This week John and Aeryn have been included in the list of the ten most appealing characters on TV.

I especially liked the comment: "This is one of those couples that stand alone as well as together, and that makes them amazing."

Also Farscape Canada is holding its first ever T-Shirt sale. Check out the merchandise page for more details.

[06.10.09] TV's Top 100 Episodes: Farscape #82!

From the June 15-28, 2009 edition of TV Guide: "Ranked in there with I LOVE LUCY's "Vita-vyta-vega-meet" and Twilight Zone's TIME ENOUGH AT LAST is.....*drum roll please* REVENGING ANGEL 8/10/01. The SciFi series fine-tooned it's quirky rep with this animated outing, in which a comatose Crichton did mental battle against Scorpious."

Okay. So it was Harvey. But yay! for TV Guide ranking Farscape on the list.

In addition the Farscape Canada Merchandise page is now able to offer some speciality covers for collectors of the Comic Book series "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning". Three photocovers for the first series, and a Challenger Cover (only 500 were ever printed) for the first issue. Don't miss it!

[05.31.09] Strange Detractors #3 Preview On Line!

A preview of the first six pages of Strange Detractors #3 by O'Bannon, DeCandido, and Sliney, to be released tomorrow. And by the way... I knew it! I KNEW IT! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Don't forget - you can order D'Argo's Lament AND Strange Detractors right here at Farscape Canada.

[05.05.09] Strange Detractors #2 Preview On Line!

A preview of the first six pages of Strange Detractors #2 by O'Bannon, DeCandido, and Sliney, to be released tomorrow.

Don't forget - you can order D'Argo's Lament AND Strange Detractors right here at Farscape Canada.

[04.25.09] D'Argo's Lament Preview On Line!

The first flashback miniseries will kick off this coming Wednesday, the 29th of April, with BOOM! Studios' release of the first issue of Farscape: D'Argo's Lament. Featuring D'Argo and Jool on an adventure between "Revenging Angel" and "Fractures," this miniseries is written by Keith R.A. DeCandido all by his lonesome (albeit with Unca Rockne looking over his shoulder), with amazing art by Neil Edwards.

Check out the preview

Don't forget - you can order D'Argo's Lament AND Strange Detractors right here at Farscape Canada.

[04.10.09] Strange Detractors Preview On Line!

Comics Continuum has put up the first six pages of Issue #1 of the new Farscape Mini-series comic "Strange Detractors" (scroll down a bit).

In addition, Farscape Canada is accepting preorders for "Strange Detractors" as well as orders for the first mini-series comic "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning. Don't miss 'em!

[03.10.09] Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Farscape!

The Jim Henson Company is planning to honour the 10th Anniverary of Farscape by issuing a special limited edition T-Shirt available for only 24 hours on March 19th. Read all about it in our News Archives: The Jim Henson Company to Honor the 10th Anniversary of Fan Favorite “FARSCAPE” with a Limited Edition Online T-Shirt Sale.

Remember - this is a 24 hour sale only on March 19th. Don't miss it!

[03.01.09] Preview of Farscape Comic #3 and Q&A with Claudia Black!

Issue #3 of the Farscape Comic "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning" is set to be released March 4th. However for those who can't wait, Boom! Studio is previewing on line the first six pages on Comics Continuum. Can it be that the character that we love to hate is behind the Moyans problems? Check out the preview here.

Also for Claudia Black fans, Ms. Black is currently answering questions on Claudia Black Online. Check out the Q & A with Claudia Black. Fans asked some excellent questions and Claudia's answers are provocative.

Don't miss it!

[02.17.09] 'Farscape' Boom!Studio’s #1 Comic!

Farscape is Boom! Studios’ #1 comic series, according to the company. The first issue sold out and was reprinted, and Boom is going back to press with #2, which also sold out.

We asked what that meant for numbers, and heard back from CEO Ross Richie. “Including nearly selling through on the second print, we are cresting 20,000 total copies of the first issue,” Richie said. “The second printing of #1 is three quarters gone.” Those sales include all channels.

Rockne S. O’Bannon, who created the Farscape TV series, is scripting the comic, which he’s calling “Season 5” (see “O’Bannon Scripting Farscape Comic”). Farscape, which has not had new episodes since 2003, remains a potent licensing force with a loyal following.

[01.27.09] Fan Survey about Future Farscape

Recently a thread at the Farscape forum Terra Firma discussed the fact that 2009 is the tenth anniversary of Farscape's debut. So that got the Mods at WatchFarscape thinking - if a collector's edition of Farscape were to be released, what would fans be most interested in and what would fans like to see in Farscape's future?

With those questions in mind, the Mods at Watch Farscape developed a survey to distribute to Farscape fans. If you have some friends in your address book that are 'Scapers, make sure to pass it out their way.

Follow the link: WatchFarscape survey

It's short. It's sweet. And it's important.

Thanks for participating!

[01.27.09] Farscape Comic Issues #2, 3 and 4

Pre-orders are now being taken for the SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH issue of the Farscape Comic Mini-Series "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning". Don't frelling miss this one 'Scapers! Check out the Merchandise Page.

[01.08.09] Farscape Comic Backorders

Due to the high demand for the initial issue of the Farscape Comic books this issue has sold out in both Canada and the United States. Our pre-order from our suppliers will cover any orders made with us prior to January 1st. Any orders that were made after that date have been backordered. Please be patient, Farscape Canada will get your copies to you as soon as possible. Anyone who ordered before January 1st, can expect their copies next week.

If you want to put in a pre-order for the second printing, or if we can find some more first printing stock, please go ahead on the Farscape Canada Merchandise page, but be aware that it may be a while until we can ship your comics out. Of course if we can't supply any more comics, we will refund your money with a smile.

[12.22.08] Farscape Comic Cover C

Boom! Studio is releasing a third cover for Issue #1 of the new Farscape Comic.

To order Cover C, please check out the Farscape Canada Merchandise page.

Please note: it is possible to combine the new cover with a previous order, or replace a previous choice with Cover C, but you must e-mail Farscape Canada with the details of your change in order to work out the new shipping costs.

[12.07.08] Farscape Comic Release UpDate

Boom! Studio's has announced that the release date for the first Farscape Comic has been pushed back six weeks to December 24.

For those of us who can't wait till Christmas Eve, Boom! Studios, courtesy of MTV, have provided a link to the first six pages of the comic. But beware - there are many spoilers! Check them out here: Farscape Comics

Don't forget you can still order your very own copy from the Farscape Canada Merchandise page. FSC ships internationally and as a bonus, each order will receive a free Farscape Canada Pen and Keychain.

Make your order today and get the first issue of the new Farscape Comic mini-series (Released on December 24)! With any luck, the Christmas rush will be over and we can get them out to you quickly, at Starburst speed.

[10.13.08] Pre-order Farscape Comic from Farscape Canada!

Farscape Canada has ordered in a small supply of the first issue of the new Farscape Comics. They are now available for pre-order on the Farscape Canada Merchandise page. FSC ships internationally and as a bonus, each order will receive a free Farscape Canada Pen and Keychain.

Make your order today and get the first issue of the new Farscape Comic mini-series!

[10.09.08] Interview with Brian Henson

A nice interview with Brian Henson by A Gypsy Life Productions. Velma Carter (CEO of AGLP) is a huge 'Scaper and we can always rely on her to provide us with Farscape news.

After watching the interview, I am going to say that the 'next chapter of Farscape' that Brian is working on is not the webisodes. Brian does say that whatever it is will be something we fans will start hearing about in the next few months. So it can't be the comics either, since not only have we heard plenty about them but they will be released by the end of November.

I hope it is a Farscape movie.

[09.14.08] Boom!Studios Farscape Comic Update

Wondering about the latest on the Farscape Comics? Well, wonder no more!

Here's the latest info passed on from 'Scapers that have been keeping their ears to the ground.

BOOM! Studios' Farscape comics are available for order NOW and will be in your hands in December! So, contact your favorite local comic book shop to order yours. (If you don't know where a close one is, check here: Canada and US Comic Shop Master List)

The order code for the first edition of the Farscape comic is SEP083803 and there will be three different covers. If you order from a shop where more than 25 comics are ordered, a 1 in 25 variant cover is also being distributed, meaning that they'll get one special cover edition.

The first comic will be sold separately, but it will be possible to order the second, third and fourth comics at a reduced rate. Boom!Studios even has a deal where you can order both covers for those collectors among us. Check it out here.

Now here is the trick 'Scapers. The more of us that pre-order from various comic shops around the country, the more likely those various shops will order the series for other customers. So make sure you order yours today. As we get more information, we'll send out new updates.

Feels good to be campaigning again.

[08.29.08] More Farscape Comic News!

Keith DeCandito put on his LiveJournal Blog:

"It'll be public when Diamond's Previews hits comic shops tomorrow anyhow, so I may as well talk openly about it:

I'm scripting the upcoming Farscape comic book miniseries from BOOM! Studios, from a detailed plot by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon. The series, which was announced at Comic-Con, as was Rockne's involvement, will pick up where The Peacekeeper Wars left off, and see Moya's crew head to Hyneria to try to get Rygel his throne back.

The comic will also be consistent with the upcoming Farscape webisodes that will be on

I gotta tell you, it's an absolute thrill to be writing Farscape again, and doing it with Rockne makes it even thrillier (I just made that word up). We're hoping this is the first of many miniseries.

Issue #1 of the miniseries (the title hasn't been finalized yet) will be released in November, with all four issues coming out monthly, and a trade paperback coming likely next spring. The art will be by newcomer (and huge Farscape fan) Tommy Patterson."

then he said:

The script for the first issue of the Farscape comic (that issue is entitled "Return of the King") is done, and just awaiting Henson's final okay. I just tonight finished the script for #2 (entitled "Dungeons and Dominars") and sent it off to Rockne for his notes. (The titles for the other two issues are "Yes, That's Our Baby" and "Hynerian Rhapsody.")

Keith RA DeCandido's Blog

[08.06.08] TV Guide Canada names Farscape One of the Best Sci Fi Shows Ever!

TV Guide Canada compiled a list of the top 10 Sci Fi Shows ever. (Of course there are 12 on their list - but who is counting?)

Four years after Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was aired, and five and a half years after its ignominous cancellation, Farscape is still making the list. Nothing that Scapers didn't know already of course.

Check out the article Best Sci Fi Shows ... Ever.

Or more specifically, check here.

[08.05.08] Boom! Studios at Comic Con

After Rockne's pre-recorded announcement about scripting the Farscape Comics, Chip Mosher a staffer from Boom! Studios talked a little bit about the timeline and whether they will tie into the webisodes. Read all about it in CCI: Boom! Studios.

[07.27.08] Farscape Comic and Webisode News!

There was a big Farscape announcement at Comic Con on Friday, July 25.

Check out CCI: Rockne O'Bannon on BOOM!'s "Farscape" Comics and Rockne S. O'Bannon To Write Farscape Comic.

To summarize: Boom!Studios announced that Rockne S. O'Bannon would be writing the Farscape Comic, the comics will be canon and it will take place right after Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. Not only that but they will be available by this November!

In addition, The Scapecast Episode 60 has an interview with Matt Gagnon, Managing Editor of Boom! Studios where he lets us know that the Farscape Webisodes will tie in with the Comics.

Finally we get some hard news!

[06.15.08] Farscape on Blu-ray DVD!

It looks like Sony is finally moving on the rights they have for Farscape. Amazon is asking for people to sign up for notification when Farscape will be available on Blu-ray DVD. The more interest shown the better, so sign up today!

If Farscape ever gets a Blu-ray release, I will take it as a Sign From God to finally buy a Blu-ray DVD player.

All this activity in the Farscape Universe (webisodes, iTunes, comics, Plush DRD, Plush Scorpius, new Farscape Classic CD) and now the page on Amazon (and Target) suggests that good things are happening for our favourite show.

(Sign up at both Amazon and Target. It can't hurt. Might help.)

[04.19.08] Holy Frell: BOOM! To Publish Farscape Comic!

At the New York Comic Con, BOOM! Studios announced they'll bring the SciFi Channel series Farscape back to comics. No creative team was announced, but the timing couldn't be better, what with new webisodes being produced for

The previous comic adaptation was done by Wildstorm back in 2002 when the show was still on the air.

Read the official press release here or here.

So much new stuff coming out, Plush DRD, Plush Scorpius, the new Farscape Classics CD and now this! Can't wait for the webisodes.

[04.15.08] Farscape Classics Vol 3 Available!

La La Land Records presents their third volume in a very special Limited Edition series of "FARSCAPE CLASSICS" releases. FARSCAPE CLASSICS: VOL 3 features acclaimed FARSCAPE composer Guy Gross's complete scores to the memorable episodes THE CHOICE (Season 3) and THE LOCKET (Season 2).

Order FARSCAPE CLASSICS Vol. 3 now and get your CD autographed by composer Guy Gross at no additional charge. Autographs are first come, first served for a limited time and are not guaranteed.

To celebrate their release of FARSCAPE CLASSICS: Vol 3, La La Land Records is offering FARSCAPE CLASSICS: Vol 1 & Vol 2 at a sale price of $15.98 each! There are less than 75 Vol 1 and 250 Vol 2 left… so get them before they’re gone for good! Click here to order.

[04.06.08] Blast from the Past

Farscape Canada just received audio copies of the two hilarious AOL interviews where recorded for the publicity for PK Wars. One interview features Ben Browder and Claudia Black and they are as charming as always, and the other features Brian Henson, David Kemper and Rockne O'Bannon.

There is even a transcipt available for the Ben and Claudia interview if you find yourself laughing too much to listen.

By the way, Farscape placed in the "50 Greatest TV Shows of all Time". Check it out! Excellent work 'Scapers. Even after all this time, Farscape still makes an impact.

[03.22.08] Show Your Appreciation!

The Jim Henson Company is asking fans to vote for Farscape EmpireOnline's "50 Greatest TV Shows of all Time".

This one matters folks, if you want to make your voice heard, please give Farscape the nod. (You get to chose five favourites, so you can include other shows you like.)

Voting closes at the end of March, so please don't delay. Vote today!

The Farscape universe will continue to be explored with new online webisodes produced by The Jim Henson Company and RHI Entertainment in partnership with SCI Be sure to check back here for updates on this and other "Farscape" related news.

[03.17.08] Happy St. Paddy's Day!

In an additional cause for celebration, Farscape Season Two has been released on iTunes!

Unfortunately Farscape is still not available for purchase to Canadians, so don't forget to drop a note to iTunes politely requesting that Canadian viewers deserve a chance to see Farscape as well. You can make your request in the iTunes Feedback Form.

Just remember, in the comments section be very, very clear that you are making the request FOR CANADA. They get thousands of emails and read them very quickly, so you need to make that point clear.

At this rate, iTunes should have the entire series by summer, just in time for the webisodes.

[02.23.08] iTunes articles in News Archive

Two articles announcing the introduction of Farscape Season One to iTunes have been added to the News Archive. Also added a link to A Taste for Blue and a link to a site that breaks down some Farscape Languages on the What is Farscape? page.

Plus, don't forget to drop a note to iTunes requesting that Canadian viewers get Farscape as well. You can make your request in the iTunes Feedback Form.

Just remember, in the comments section be very, very clear that you are making the request FOR CANADA. They get thousands of emails and read them very quickly, so you need to make that a point.

Now that the writers strike is over work can resume on the Farscape Webisodes. New Farscape coming soon!

[02.01.08] Wanna see Farscape on iTunes in Canada?

Now that Farscape is available on iTunes to American customers, it shouldn't be too hard to get it here in Canada too. But we need your help. Please make your polite, yet enthusiastic requests here:

iTunes Feedback Form

In the comments section, just be very, very clear that you're making the request FOR CANADA. They get thousands of emails and read them very quickly, so we really need to be clear. It would be great if new viewers in Canada who showed interest in Farscape could download "Premiere" for $2.00. And then PK Tech Girl. DNA Mad Scientist. Durka Returns... You get the idea.

Good luck 'Scapers! It may be your request that tips the balance.

[01.29.08] Frelling Finally! Farscape is on iTunes!

In a move guaranteed to warm up those cold winter days (and nights), The Jim Henson Company has announced that Farscape Season One is available on iTunes!

The Jim Henson Company Launches on iTunes

"On January 28, the cult science fiction series Farscape in its first season entirety (all 22 episodes) will be available on iTunes. This is exciting news for die-hard Farscape fans who no doubt know how difficult and expensive it is to find the complete first season on DVD. Season one includes the enthralling premiere episode of this ground breaking sci-fi hit that made extensive use of CGI, prosthetics, and state-of-the-art puppetry - courtesy of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop."

More information coming soon!

[01.26.08] Happy Groundhog Day 'Scapers!

I know it is a week early. However I really sympathize with D'Argo this year.

[01.23.08] Update of the JHC Farscape Webpage

The Jim Henson Company has updated the official Farscape Webpage.

As well as an episode guide, a character guide, image gallery and press clippings (all about the webisodes), they also have posted a podcast entitled Farscape At Comic Con 2007! Brian Henson and Craig Engler discuss the latest developments on the upcoming Farscape Webisodes.

Check out The Jim Henson Company Farscape Website. It is a beautiful update.

[01.17.08] News Archive Updates and Understanding Farscape DVD Releases

The News Archives have been updated with all the exciting news about the Farscape Webisodes. For a complete review of all the information that has been published check out the News Archive.

In addition, many new viewers have expressed confusion about the various DVD versions of Farscape on the market. So tamarok from Frell Me Dead has developed a page that should clarify the situation.


At any rate for those who would like a simple explanation (or any explanation at all!) of the eccentric Farscape DVD releases, check out Understanding Farscape DVDs.

Happy New Year 'Scapers!




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