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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Review and Synopsis

"This special television event would not be a reality were it not for the tireless, unwavering efforts of the Farscape fans to bring the series back. Like all of us at The Jim Henson Company, they believed that the epic story we were telling was something special and deserved a proper ending. We are thrilled to respond to their dedication be creating this miniseries, thus resolving many of the unanswered questions from the final episode and giving fans their due."
-Brian Henson, October 2005
Director & Executive Producer

The Peacekeeper Wars

Although Farscape as a series was canceled in September of 2002, the last episode defiantly ended with a cliffhanger and a promise: “To be continued.” Just over two years later, after one of the most intensive fan campaigns in television history, that promise was fulfilled with The Peacekeeper Wars, a 3-hour miniseries that premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel in October 2004 and the Space Channel in March 2005.

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In addition to overwhelming critical acclaim, the miniseries garnered 2005 Saturn Award wins for best actor (Ben Browder), best actress (Claudia Black), and best television production. It was also nominated for an Emmy Award for visual effects. In a 2005 bi-annual poll of almost forty major television critics, Peacekeeper Wars placed third in the category of best movie, miniseries, or special.

Don’t just take our word for it; whether you’re new to Farscape or you’ve seen every episode three times, Peacekeeper Wars is a fantastic piece of television movie-making that’s not to be missed.


"Smart, stylish, sexy and often startling, The Peacekeeper Wars is a rousing conclusion to what, for four years, was far and away television's finest science-fiction drama."
-Alex Strachan
CanWest News Service

"truly spectacular in its scale and vivid emotional range ... There has never been a sci-fi fantasy series so elaborately entertaining, so witty and thrilling and moving. You don't need to know a Scarran from a Sebacean to admire Farscape's creative energy and celebrate its return. Hang on for the ride ..."
-Matt Roush
TV Guide

"… nothing less than the sort of epic mythology, battles, quests and morals explored in George Lucas' "Star Wars."…this new miniseries does it just as well - maybe better. … "Farscape" has returned, not with a vengeance, but with a triumph."
-David Bianculli
NY Daily News

"Gorgeously epic ... pulsating battle action whizzing past ... eye-popping special effects of astonishing scope ... clever maturity ... In this lavish four-hour series finale, one of the tube's richest character dramas does a dazzling job wrapping the lost-in-space odyssey of its cool cowboy astronaut."
-Diane Werts

"Peacekeeper is that rare dramatic exception: a reunion that not only lives up to the original but also may even improve upon it … A crowd-pleasing sci-fi spectacular ... more comedy and a stronger emotional punch than you might ever imagine. "
-Robert Bianco
USA Today

"a rich array of memorable characters and intergalactic creatures, lavish set decoration, special effects and costuming and a fast-moving story injected with a lot of wry humor....With a kind of detail given the costuming and makeup that goes beyond many feature films, the "Farscape" miniseries... ought to garner a whole new group of diehard fans demanding more."
-Roger Catlin
Harford Courant

"You need not be a fanatical follower of the show to relish this mini-series. All you need is a taste for science fiction. Production values and special effects are near big-screen in quality ... full of wit, irony and sexy jokes. The Peacekeeper Wars takes Farscape out in a blaze of glory. It will long be remembered as one of the finest science-fiction productions to grace the small screen."
-Chauncey Mabe
Houston Chronicle

"BLOODY BRILLIANT ... achingly funny ... stunning FX ... a visual feast … sharp and witty ... one of the most spectacular scenes ever seen on small screen SF, a giddying mix of high emotion, hysteria, destruction, tension, and sacrifice ... Ben Browder and Claudia Black are nothing short of magnificent. If it was ever in doubt, there’s no question now that these two are among the best series leads ever in science fiction: charismatic, passionate and totally convincing"
-Dave Golder
SFX magazine