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DVD Sales

Probably the most effective way to help Farscape is by promoting DVD sales. Not only are customers putting their money where their mouth is, they are also putting money directly into the pockets of the company that owns Farscape, The Jim Henson Company. By doing so they are bypassing all the middle men, TV executives, ratings systems and advertisers and letting the powers that be know that the audience thinks this show is worthwhile.

The DVD sales of Firefly were strong enough to convince the money men in Hollywood that there was a reasonable level of interest out there amongst the movie going public for a feature film.

Now we would like to do the same for Farscape. Farscape Fans managed to create enough hullaballoo after the cancellation to interest a consortium of British financiers to back the mini-series - to the tune of 20 million dollars.

That is a lot of money.

The key now is to make sure that Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars earns back its original investment and then some.

We have got a good start on this with the Library Project, but we need to do more. We can do this by promoting both PK Wars and the new Starburst Edition DVDs.

Library Project

The Library Project lists many of the major libraries across Canada, most of which even have online request forms. If you are a member you can request that they consider buying a book or DVD. If you are not a member... join.

It is an economical and effective way of spreading the Farscape love to people you have never met. If your local library is not on the list, all is not lost. Go to your local library and ask the front desk if they carry Farscape DVDs. If they do, great! Take one out. If they don't - you can, as a customer, request that they get a copy. At the very least, ask for an intra-library loan.

Providing Ratings and Writing Customer Reviews

Another way to promote DVD sales is to provide customer ratings and reviews for items in bookstores and online shopping networks. Customer ratings and reviews are quite influential in how casual customers perceive an item. So go to an on line store and give Farscape DVDs a positive rating and if you have time... share your impressions by writing a customer review of your favourite show. carries all of the Farscape DVD's at competitive prices. Click on the link, search for Farscape and then rate your favourite Farscape products and write a review.

Future Shop also carries some Farscape, including Peacekeeper Wars and the Starburst Editions. Click on the link and give each DVD a rating, and if you have time, write a customer review.

Rogers Video does carry some Farscape, including Peacekeeper Wars, but their selection is sparse. It wouldn't hurt to check out Rogers contact page and thank them for carrying Farscape and suggest that they should carry more. While you are there you might as well give your favourite Farscape episodes a rating.

Blockbuster Canada does not carry any Farscape at all, and so far have been unresponsive to requests. They do have a customer service contact though. Drop them a quick e-mail requesting either PK Wars or any of the new Starburst Editions, and let them know that you would be very happy to have access to these DVDs through their store.

By encouraging libraries, video stores, bookstores and Future Shop to carry the series and mini-series we can make sure that it is available for people who are interested in Farscape. With Farscape going into syndication in the US, the inevitable overlap into Canada will result in more Canadian viewers, viewers who will want the DVDs. We need to make sure that those DVDs are easy to find and available to them for purchase.

Purchasing Farscape for gifts, donations or to complete your own Library Collection

If you were holding off on buying Farscape the series on DVD, now is the time to do so. Farscape the complete series is available, but ADV has recently repackaged the series under the name "The Starburst Editions". The new Starburst Editions are chock full of new extras, and they are about half the price of the original sets. Eventually all 88 episodes will be released on the Starburst Editions and with the January 18, 2005 release of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars on DVD the entire series plus mini-series is available for purchase.

So if you are looking to buy Farscape DVD's, for yourself as a gift, or as a donation to the library, please consider buying them through our Merchandise page. This site is linked with and while buying through that link won't cost you any more, a percentage of the proceeds goes to help support Farscape Canada.

To help in our efforts to promote Farscape DVDs, Ratscape, that master of poster art, has designed two posters to assist in that endeavour. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars DVD poster and the new Starburst Edition DVD posters, both of which can be found here in the Flyers and Graphics section of the site. It would be very exciting to see these posters on library bulletin boards, university bulletin boards, or passed around at meetups. Or anywhere that you think they might get attention.