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Welcome to the Farscape Canada Events Page.

Since Farscape was cancelled we have been working to increase FARSCAPE awareness in Canada through poster campaigns; running "Farscape" tables and panels at SF and fantasy cons (such as Toronto Trek and Calgary's ConVersion; and V-Con.

Farscape Canada events have two purposes: to get SF and fantasy fans who might not be participating in the Farscape Campaign involved; and to promote FARSCAPE to new viewers to increase its ratings in Canada.

There will be a Farscape Fan Table at Toronto Trek this July. The organisers are currently looking for assistance so if you are interested in helping please contact us at Farscape Canada and we will put you touch with the organisers of the Farscape Table.

Farscape Canada will also be hosting a fan table at Timeless Destinations in Vancouver this summer. There will be four Farscape Guests in attendance at TD; David Franklin, Lani Tupu, Wayne Pygram and Gigi Edgley. If you are interested in attending the convention, please let the TD organisers know you are with Farscape Canada in order to qualify for a group discount. If you would like to help staff the Farscape Table just give the group organisers a shout and they will be happy to hear from you.

Currently there are two Farscape presentation panels planned for ConVersion to be held in Calgary, Alberta on August 11-13, 2006 as well as a Farscape Fan table. If anyone wishes to help or even just attend the panel contact us at Farscape Canada and we will put you in touch with the panel and table organisers.

In addition there are two Farscape panels planned for V-Con as well as a Farscape Table. Help is always welcome, so feel free to contact the Farscape Canada Panel and Table organisers.

Hey, we know it's the best show out there. Now let's tell the rest of the country.

If you want to publicize an event or you're looking for help planning an event, contact us at Farscape Canada. We're here to help you help FARSCAPE.

Remember, it is all about having fun, talking about your favourite show with other fans and helping Farscape.

October 7-9, 2005
Read what your intrepid Farscape Ambassadors got up to this Thanksgiving Weekend!

Con-Version XXI
Calgary. August 6-8, 2004
Despite much trauma and excitement, Calgary 'Scapers made a big impact at this years Conversion.

Con-Version XX
Calgary, August 15-17, 2003
A small band of Scapers makes a big splash with some Farscape videos and a lot of enthusiasm.

Chicago, August 1-3, 2003
Action figures! Flat tires! Froonium! - the musical! DRDs! Donuts! And, of course, Farscape guests! It's all here, with pictures.

Toronto Trek 17
July 11-13, 2003
Once again, the Intrepid Events Crew strikes! Now with more swag than ever. Read all about it in the con report.

Creation Con in NY
November 29-December 1, 2002
A few Canadian Scapers made it down to New York for the Farscape convention. They had a blast, as you'll see here.

ConCept in Montréal
November 2, 2002
Our intrepid events crew had a blast promoting the show at the convention.

Toronto Fifth of Farscape Rally
Our first event was a smashing success. Read the rally report and check out all the pictures!

Upcoming Events
International Farscape Meetup Day takes place the first Wednesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. Click to find a location near you.

The Calgary Meetup generally takes place the first Saturday of every month. For more information check out this thread for details.

If you want to publicize an event or you're looking for help planning an event, contact us at Save Farscape Canada. We're here to help you help FARSCAPE.

From Speaker's Corner to all of Canada
Video clips from the original 5th of Farscape Toronto rally in 2002 that were broadcast on Space.

The 5th of Farscape
Photo album from the 5th of Farscape Toronto Rally in 2002