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'Scapin' Canada One Convention at A Time!

As was mentioned on the front page of this site, members of Farscape Canada are working hard this summer to raise Farscape's profile at five conventions this summer before Farscape syndication in the fall. We plan to have a presence at Toronto Trek 19, Westercon, VCon, Gatecon and we are hoping to get a bit of Farscape Fandom present at Montreal's Con*cept in November.

We have two Farscape Fan tables organised, one at Toronto Trek and one at Westercon. Both fan tables are planning to sell the Farscape Canada T-Shirts and both have organised fan run panels. Gatecon has two Farscape guests, David Franklin and Lani Tupu, plus they are airing Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars in their video room, a Farscape Panel is being held at V-Con, and we don't quite know what yet, but something is going to happen for Con*cept in Montreal.

Needless to say these activities require support, both in time and money. If anyone is attending any of these conventions and would like to volunteer their time, please e-mail Firecracker and explain which con you will be attending and what days you will be there. Warm bodies are always appreciated.

Costs at these things add up quickly. Fan tables, plus shipping and printing costs all need to be paid for. Canadians are getting a huge amount of support from 'Scapers south of the border as they are donating most of the swag that we will be giving away at our fan tables. But we still need to cover the shipping costs of getting the swag to Canada.

So we have decided to set up a convention fund to hopefully offset some of the costs of these conventions.

So please, check under the cushions of your sofa and donate a penny or two. Any help, financial or physical is urgently needed and gratefully accepted.

Just so you know to what your efforts would be in aid of, here are some convention pictures from Toronto Trek last year. The Farscape Fan table, and the Farscape Panel.