Save Farscape Canada
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Other Campaign Communities

  • Yahoo Farscape in Canada Group - the gathering place for Canadian fans on Yahoo. This mailing list will help you keep up with the Canadian campaign. Join here.
  • Watch Forum - the message board for the international campaign headquarters.
  • Karlsweb Farscape E-zine - Up-to-date news about Farscape and Farscape's syndication, new projects that Farscape Alumni are involved with plus spectacular fan contributions. Click the link to get access to a change notification button. Welcome back Karlsweb!
  • Farscape: Peacekeepers - an MSN group that is devoted to Farscape fandom. Their theme is that of the Peacekeepers but they welcome all Scapers.
  • Farscape Meetup - where you can register to meet fellow Scapers in your area in person.
  • Farscape Italian Club - This group wrote their own subtitles (for all 88 episodes!) in order to share Farscape with their friends. FSIC managed to convince an Italian TV Station to pick up the syndication rights (beginning February 2006) and also managed to convince a local DVD company to issue Farscape DVD's. Both the TV Station and the DVD company are using the FSICs subtitles. Bravissimo!

Important Links

  • Fall TV Preview provides all the information you need for the fall television season. Includes the description & pics of new shows, premiere dates, Canadian & U.S. channels schedule, analysis and more. It has the most complete online fall coverage about Canadian channels.
  • Channel Canada provides the latest news and information about the Canadian television industry. Includes programming highlights, production news, satellite & cable providers news and more.
  • Tee Morris - Who am I? I am Tee Morris, a science fiction and fantasy author. And I am a Scaper. Crackers still matter to me. Do your part. Save Farscape.
  • Farscape: Uncharted Territories of Sex and Science Fiction Table of Contents for the book forthcoming soon from I.B. Tauris Press, London (UK). Visit their website here.