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[10.05.11] Part 7: Stark Contrasts

The War for the Unchartered Territories Part 7: Stark Contrasts (featuring a visit to Delvia!) will be released this Wednesday.

"Scorpius has seen the Kkore's evil in full and though he may be a villain, he is not one without honor. And while Crichton and Aeryn use what is left of the Peacekeepers to fend off this all-consuming enemy, the PK's prodigal son will make his masterstroke!"

Check out a sneak preview here.

Part 7:  Stark Contrasts

[11.04.11] Part 6: Resistance is Useless!

The War for the Unchartered Territories Part 6: Resistance is Useless will be released this Wednesday. Check out a sneak preview here.

Part 6:  Resistance Is Useless

[11.04.11] Farscape Convention Guest Rockne O'Bannon announced!

This fall Rockne O'Bannon (creator of Farscape) will be a guest at the Official Farscape Convention November 18-20.

Rockne has in the past only shown up at Conventions when there is something significant to talk about. So keep your fingers crossed 'Scapers! And make sure you buy your tickets.

[02.05.11] The War For The Uncharted Territories Continues!

Farscape #16 -- Part 4 of "The War for the Uncharted Territories," as Crichton and Aeryn must marshal what's left of the Uncharted Territories against the vicious Kkore, while on the Kkore flagship, Scorpius has an -- interesting conversation with Rygel. Co-plotted by Rockne S. O'Bannon, co-plotted and scripted by our favourite comic book writer Keith R.A. DeCandido, art by Will Sliney.

Here a link to a preview of Farscape #16: Crawling from the Wreckage.

Crawling from the Wreckage

The Moyans and their allies are in serious dren. Don't miss this thrilling installment of The War for the Uncharted Territories!

[08.22.10] Compulsions and Glorious Bastards

Two new comic book series are now available through Farscape Canada.

Farscape: Compulsions is the concluding four issue arc of the Ongoing series. "Two Leviathan crews, the outlaws on Moya, and a new crew of ex-Peacekeepers team up to take on a conspiracy that threatens the end of the Uncharted Territories. Plus, one member of Moya's crew will be changed forever!" Compulsions is setting up next years 12 issue arc THE WAR FOR THE UNCHARTED TERRITORIES.

As well, the Farscape Scorpius series is now ongoing, with a new four issue arc called Farscape Scorpius: Glorious Bastards. "The prelude to THE WAR FOR THE UNCHARTED TERRITORIES continues! The Kkore have invaded the Uncharted Territories with weaponry unlike anything seen before. Now, they have just put Scorpius in charge of an armada." This can only mean... compartmentalization of duplicity. We hope.

Please note, with the exception of Compulsions Issue #9, all these comics are now published with only one cover.

[07.27.10] More Twitter Torment from Rockne!

Here's the latest tweet from Rockne replying to a question from Kriskitten:

@Kriskitten "are you going to Farscape con?" If what I hope is going to happen, happens - no way I'm gonna miss it!!

You do remember the last time we got teased like this, don't you?

[07.08.10] Oh how the Farscape producers love to torture fans!

Farscape fans have been given hints of something happening to bring us new Farscape. Could these hints mean more Farscape is still in the planning stages? Or does Rockne O'Bannon just enjoy torturing us? (Actually, I think that last question is a given.)

On May 15th series producer and writer Rockne O'Bannon Tweeted “Great conf call with B Henson yesterday, and we're meeting next week. Can't say a word about it. New and exciting. Oops, I said something.”

Then on July 3rd Rockne posted this comment: "Big mtg this Weds w/ B Henson, me, and ******* - oops, can't say. Just earliest beginning-but cautiously very excited. Things are a'brewin'."

And then this morning...: "So yesterday's mtg was AMAZING. Teasing is a form of torture I know - but big moves r happening. BIG moves. (Just call me Stanley Milgram)."


[06.14.10] Preview of Farscape #8!

The pulse-pistol-pounding conclusion to the "Red Sky at Morning" arc as the crews of Moya and Cilla must team up to save Pilot's homeworld -- and one of Moya's crew won't be coming back. Check out the preview.

Rotten to the Khore Cannon

This sets things up for "The War for the Uncharted Territories," with the fate of Pilot's homeworld hanging in the balance!

Order your copy from the Farscape Canada Merchandise Page today!

[05.20.10] Very Interesting Tweet from Rockne and preview of Farscape #7!

Rockne O'Brian tweeted this on the 15th of May:

Great conf call with B Henson yesterday, and we're meeting next week. Can't say a word about it. New and exciting. Oops, I said something.

Could this be about the webisodes? Or perhaps something else? "New and exciting" suggests bigger and better. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also Farscape Ongoing Issue #7 (Red Sky at Morning Part #3: Next Stop Grennij Village) was released today. Check out the preview!

Red Sky at Morning Part 3:  Next Stop Grennij Village

Order your copy from the Farscape Canada Merchandise Page today!

[02.25.10] Keith DeCandido Interview!

A Gypsy Life Production interviewed Keith R.A. DeCandido at DragonCon about the Farscape Comics. Check it out!

Also there is a NEW Farscape Comic series coming out this April starring the villian we all love to hate (and hate to love).

Check out the Merchandise Page to order!

[01.16.10] Tangled Roots and D'Argo's Quest Preview!

Previews for the newest issues of both Tangled Roots and D'Argo's Quest are now up. Remember the Farscape Comics are canon and are written to set up the upcoming webisodes. So don't miss them!

You can purchase all the Farscape Comics through Farscape Canada's Merchandise page.

For a chance to meet all those 'Scapers that you have only encountered on-line, consider attending the Official Farscape Convention in Burbank this Fall. Click the banner below for more information.

This site is part of an international effort to save Farscape. For more information about the global campaign, visit

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