Save Farscape Canada
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Letter Campaign

Yes, the pen is in fact mightier than the sword. Possibly even the Qualta-blade.

The future of Farscape lies in demonstrating that there is a large enough fanbase to make it a financially-viable business venture. Here's where you can make your voice heard.

Each letter a company receives is considered to represent 500-1000 individuals/potential customers who didn’t write. Emails are also important, but as a genuine measure of commitment and interest, a handwritten postcard or letter carries more influence than you might imagine.

We 'Scapers are well-known for making a good impression so please keep any correspondences polite and to the point, using correct spelling and grammar (thank heavens for spellcheck). As a rule, it is also helpful to include some basic demographic and consumer information about yourself, such as age, location, and a propensity to spend disposable income on all things Farscape-related.

So go to it! If you’d like to see more Farscape — these are the people who need convincing: