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News Archive

It's always essential in a campaign like this one to keep up with the information flow. Check out the following news bites and articles or visit Watch Farscape for more international news and activities.

  • The Jim Henson Company honours the 10th Annviersary of the premiere of Farscape. Read all about it in The Jim Henson Company to Honor the 10th Anniversary of Fan Favorite “FARSCAPE” with a Limited Edition Online T-Shirt Sale.
    [posted 03 10 09]
  • At Comic Con International, Chip Mosher a staffer from Boom! Studios talks a little bit about the timeline of the Farscape Comics and whether they will tie into the webisodes. Read all about it in CCI: Boom! Studios.
    [posted 09 02 08]
  • BOOM! Studios announce the writer of the new FARSCAPE Comic Series at Comic Con International. Read the article here. Don't forget to watch and listen to the writer discuss details of the comics on the Youtube Vid linked at the bottom of the page.
    [posted 07 27 08]
  • BOOM! Studios announce the writer of the new FARSCAPE Comic Series. Read the article here.
    [posted 07 27 08]
  • The Jim Henson Company and BOOM! Studios announce the brand new FARSCAPE Comic Series. Read the press release here.
    [posted 04 19 08]
  • Cinema Blend announces the release of Farscape and Fraggle Rock on iTunes. Read the article here: Farscape And Fraggle Rock Available On iTunes
    [posted 01 29 08]
  • The Jim Henson Company announces Farscape and Fraggle Rocks iTunes launch. Check it out: The Jim Henson Company Launches on iTunes
    [posted 01 28 08]
  • Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy was asked about the Farscape Webisodes and the writers strike. Check it out: The Candy mailbag: Answering your questions
    [posted 12 14 07]
  • TV Guide's Matt Roush was asked in his column Ask Matt how the writers strike would affect the Farscape webisodes.
    [posted 12 03 07]
  • TV Guide talks with Brian Henson about the Farscape Webisodes. Check out this article: Exclusive: Farscape Producer Talks About the Franchise's Future
    [posted 07 24 07]
  • Buzzine talks about the webisodes and speculates about what it means. Follow the link: Farscape Web Series Ordered
    [posted 07 18 07]
  • Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune writes about the Farscape Webisodes in 'Farscape's' unlikely but welcome return
    [posted 07 16 07]
  • SCI FI Channel's David Howe talks about the Farscape Webisodes. Read all about it: Exclusive Interview: SCI FI CHANNEL Executive Vic President Dave Howe Talks 'Farscape' Webisodes & 'Flash Gordon'
    [posted 07 16 07]
  • SCIFI.COM announcement of the Farscape Webisodes. Follow the link to: Farscape Revived On SCIFI.COM.
    [posted 07 16 07]
  • The Jim Henson presents audio from Comic Con 2007. Listen as Brian Henson and Craig Engler discuss the latest developments on the upcoming Farscape Webisodes. Hosted By Grant Baciocco. Check it out on the The Jim Henson Company Farscape Page, follow the link to Podcasts & Videos.
    [posted 07 15 07]
  • Gateworld announces the Farscape Webisodes. Read about it here: Farscape, Galactica return in short form
    [posted 07 15 07]
    [posted 07 15 07]
  • The "Farscape" franchise will live on as a live-action Web series. Sci Fi Channel executive Craig Engler confirmed that the company has closed a deal with The Jim Henson Company for a 10-episode webisode series. Follow the link to SUMMER PRESS TOUR: 'Farscape,' 'BSG' webisodes
    [posted 07 15 07]
  • Brian Henson mentions the possibility of new Farscape while promoting the release of Dinosaurs on DVD. Follow the link to Like Father Like Son to check it out.
    [posted 05.05.06]
  • At the New York Comic Con the ADV Panel run by co-founder Matt Greenfield briefly discussed what they knew about future Farscape. Follow the link to NYCC ADV Panel and check it out.
    [posted 03.06.06]
  • Michael R. Polis of The Jim Henson Company co-hosted a panel at Wondercon talking about the new Henson Film "Mirrormask". The last paragraph of the article has something interesting for Farscape Fans. Follow the link to WonderCon Day One and check it out.
    [posted 03.06.06]
  • More Burbank 2004 stuff from Watchfarscape Docudot. The Farscape cast sharing their favourite word, least favourite and turn ons (ahem!). These are just the first three of ten questions that the cast was asked. Check out this link to Ten Questions. If anyone has problems watching the clips, make sure you have the most recent version of quicktime installed. If you're still having problems, the docudot team members recommend using VLC 0.8.4.
    [posted 03.06.06]
  • Canwest TV Times published this question from an anxious Edmontonian 'Scaper. The question was accompanied by one of my favourite pictures from PK Wars. Follow the link to TV Times and check it out.
    [posted 06.02.05]
  • At the official 2004 Farscape Creation Convention last year, Docudot managed to interview several cast members. The interviews, with the talented Ben Browder, Brian Henson, Gigi Edgely, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe and Wayne Pygram are now available for download. Follow the link to Docudot and click "downloads". Enjoy!
    [posted 05.02.05]
  • Sean Twist wrote a great article on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. For the love of story, Farscape is back published in the London Free Press.
    [posted 03.26.05]
  • Steve Tilley interviewed Brian Henson in Back From The Wormhole published in the Edmonton Sun.
    [posted 03.25.05]
  • The Vancouver Sun TV Times features a small blurb on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars for the week of March 25-31 entitled 'Scapers Succeed.
    [posted 03.25.05]
  • Fan Power: Farscape comes back to TV Friday, and it has a lot of dedicated viewers to thank for its salvation
    An article in the Ottawa Citizen featuring an interview with Ben Browder about the upcoming airing of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and his feelings about the show in general. Also refers to the future of Farscape and the fan campaign.
    [posted 03.23.05]
  • In addition to Fan Power Alex Strachan wrote a nice sidebar about the fans.
    [posted 03.23.05]
  • A shorter version of the Alex Strachan article was printed in the Calgary Herald Finally, a conclusion to sci fi drama.
    [posted 03.23.05]
  • TV Week Editors Choice
    Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was picked as the Editors Choice for this weekend in TV Week.
    [posted 03.19.05]
  • Can Sci Fi Fans Face the Future?
    An article about fans and fan campaigns referencing Battlestar Galactica, Enterprise and, of course, Farscape. 'Scapers were mentioned positively and we even got a copy of Ratscapes "For a 'Scaper Tomorrow" poster printed.
    [posted 03.06.05]
  • TV Week Mailbox
    A colour photograph of John and Aeryn and a response to a questions about Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
    [posted 02.28.05]
  • Space Press Release
    Space issued a press release announcing the airing of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. Extra goodies include "The Making of Peacekeeper Wars", 15 minute montage of "The Best of Farscape Flow", setting up the mini by airing the last five episodes of season four first and a contest on Hypaspace to win the DVD.
    [posted 02.17.05]
  • The Official Space Press Release
    The official press release announcing the airing date of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars and other goodies. Space said some very nice things about 'Scapers. [posted 02.17.05]
  • Saturn Nominations Announced
    Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was nominated for four Saturn Awards. Best Television Presentation, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best DVD Television Release. [posted 02.10.05]
  • Radio Interview with BJ and Shannon of 96x Edmonton
    An interview conducted just before the US airing of PK Wars with Ben Browder where he discusses toolbelts and sex appeal. Download the interview and then thank BJ and Shannon (and ask them where the Brian Henson interview is???)
    [posted 02.10.05]
  • AOL Interview with Ben Browder and Claudia Black
    AOL Interview with Ben and Claudia being their usual charming, hilarious selves while discussing Peacekeeper Wars. Transcript is included.
    [posted 08.04.10]
  • AOL Interview with Brian Henson, David Kemper and Rockne O'Bannon
    AOL Interview with Brian, David and Rockne about Peacekeeper Wars. Something to do with a government conspiracy. Very funny. No transcript tho - so if anyone is interested just go ahead and do it. Farscape Canada will add it to the page.
    [posted 08.04.10]