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'Scape the World With Ringtones

Just imagine hearing your favourite Farscape tune in a crowded hallway - and it isn't your phone! Instant 'scaper meetup.

To get Farscape Themes as an option for a ringtone on your cellphone, here are some quick and easy things you can do: send polite and enthusiatic e-mails to:

(1) Telus requesting the Farscape Theme as a ringtone. Telus doesn't ask where you live so you can send an email even if you aren't a customer.

(2) Mediaplazza: They are a ringtone aggregator for Canada and the UK, and they seem interested. Please send Adam Lipper an email telling him you want the Farscape Theme as a ringtone.

(3) Rogers Wireless: To e-mail Rogers you will need your account number. But otherwise just follow the link, Rogers Wireless Contact Us, fill out the form, and ask for a Polyphonic Farscape Ring Tune. (Just so people know here is the definition of a Polyphonic Ring Tunes from the Rogers site: "Download real-sounding musical tunes from categories like Top Ten, Urban, TV/Movie soundtracks and more.")

(4) Much Music: Another resource is Much Music, who sell a large selection of ringtones. To contact them and ask them to add a Farscape ringtone, please e-mail Much Music and once the ringtone is up, you can go to the Much Music Store to buy it.

Good luck! Hopefully we will hear positive news soon, and then...

[megalomania]Today the cellphones, tomorrow the world! Bwahahahahahaha![/megalomania]


Update: Just got a response from Adam Lipper from Mediaplazza:

Hi [me], We are presently working on getting that song added to our platform. Keep an eye out and with any luck we should have it in the near future.

Woohoo! Responses already! Send out your polite requests today!