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You Can Save Farscape

Canadian activities, you say? Yes, Canadian voices do matter! Here's how.

With the American syndication of Farscape in 2005, we need to promote Farscape in as many markets as possible. Canadians may represent a small portion of the audience, but American stations are interested in their Canadian viewers.

Recently when asked, "Do Canadian eyeballs matter?", the Production Manager at UPN 11 Seattle-Tacoma responded:

"Frelling right they count. It's kind of a two part answer. Part 1 is yes they do count. Nielsen has a seperate rating service for our Canadian viewers. Part 2 is no they don't count for the Seattle market.

But the Canadian numbers are added to our totals under market specific break outs. So the overall answer is YES CANADIAN EYEBALLS DO COUNT.

We consider Vancouver, and all of BC an
important part of our general viewing audience."

So by supporting stations that carry Farscape and encouraging stations to acquire Farscape, we can make a difference. To that end, Canadian Farscape Fans can riff on some of the most pointed strategies that our American friends are using and give them just a little twist as they cross the 49th parallel.

At Farscape Canada that means our own Letter Campaign, Events, Flyers, Library Project, promoting DVD sales, the Ringtone Project, our most recent coup Rogers Video Direct and more.

Why are we bothering with such a long-term strategy? Hasn't Farscape's ship sailed?

The Farscape campaign is unique because of its success and ongoing nature.The cancellation of Farscape created a vibrant international online community and a prolonged cursade to save the show. Nineteen months after the airing of its final episdoe, Farscape triumphantly returned to television with the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries.

With the success of the miniseries, Brian Henson has indicated that the next step for Farscape is a movie.

What do we expect to accomplish?

The main thing that we expect to accomplish is to increase the fan base so that financiers will consider Farscape a good risk when it comes time to finance a movie. Firefly, a wonderful series by Joss Whedon, was cruelly cancelled after only thirteen episodes. The small fan base was so outraged that they managed to not only get the series released on DVD quickly, but due to unexpectedly high sales of the DVD suggested to financiers that a movie was a viable option.

Serenity will be released September 30, 2005. Congratulations Browncoats! Farscape Fans take note. Go watch the movie. If Serenity does well, it will indicate to those that hold the purse strings that there is gold in them thar cancelled TV Shows!

Where do I begin?

Since the future of Farscape appears to be on the silver screen, our focus right now is to increase the fan base. This task is being approached in a number of different ways:

The Farscape Canada Library Project

  • A project similar to the US library project with the focus on 'Scaping as many large public libraries in Canada as possible.

The letter writing campaign

  • Write letters to your local Fox affiliates to encourage them to air Farscape, and if they already do... thank them.
  • In the near future Farscape will be available for syndication again in Canada. Sadly Space the Imagination Station has indicated their disinterest in retaining the airing rights. Therefore our focus is going to shift to other Canadian channels that may be interested in this show. Since Farscape seems to attract more 'mainstream' viewers, rather than Sci Fi viewers this could be a good move for Farscape. However, the key is to convince other channels that Farscape would be a good fit for their stations. Stay tuned for more details.
Convention Activities and Events
  • Stop by the Events page and see if there are any events happening in your area soon. If you can't reach a rally (and especially if you can), be sure to grab some of our Canadian-directed Flyers & Graphics for distribution. Then drop by the Community forums and brainstorm with fans from across Canada.

In this fight for Farscape, every voice matters because your voice joins with thousands of others around the world. And together, we shall be heard.

The Story So Far
The tale of the grassroots campaign to save Farscape begins in September 2002 as the SciFi channel brings down the axe and fans leap into action.

read more of the tale and the timeline

Rave Reviews What SciFi Says
Sci Fi has posted an FAQ that details the reasons for its decision to rescind the fifth season renewal. Farscape Weekly has taken a look the reasons and dissects the Sci Fi FAQ. Although disagreeing with Sci Fi won’t change the network’s decision, Farscape Weekly offers insight into why Farscape fans feel betrayed and angry.
Campaign Projects
The following is a list of the current Canadian Campaign Projects. Feel free to jump right in on any of them, or even suggest a new one yourself. We are always looking for new ways to 'Scape the country.

Library Project
Convention Events
Letter Campaign
Promoting DVD sales
Ringtone Project
Online DVD Rentals from Rogers Video Direct