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What is Farscape?

Farscape is the story of a man lost far from home and fallen among strange companions. Farscape is the story of a wildly diverse group of friends and enemies that must cooperate to survive. Farscape is a continuing, evolving tale of love, honour, friendship, hope, betrayal, death, and life. Farscape is comic, tragic, funny, sexy, dramatic, well-written science fiction.

In brief: John Crichton is an astronaut from Earth who was shot through a wormhole and found himself in another part of the galaxy. He has ended up on a living ship, Moya, with a crew of escaped prisoners fleeing the Peacekeepers (they're the bad guys. You'll see). They have escaped into the Uncharted Territories. For more, check out our Farscape in Brief — or just watch the show.

A quick look at some people you'll meet..

John CrichtonJohn Crichton. Our hero. Scientist, astronaut, and very, very far from home. Quicker with a quip than a pulse pistol.

Aeryn SunAeryn Sun. Former Peacekeeper. Although "irreversibly contaminated" thanks to Crichton and hunted by her own kind, she can't help falling for the strange "Erp-man."

MoyaMoya. The ship. Peaceful and completely weaponless. She doesn't talk, but communicates very effectively through...

PilotPilot. Symbiotically linked to Moya, and thus shares her thoughts and feelings. He is also the only one who can tell Moya which way to go...

Ka D'ArgoKa D'Argo. The big guy with the tentacles. D'Argo was wrongfully imprisoned for the death of his wife, and later suffered a great betrayal.

Pa'u Zotoh ZhaanPa'u Zotoh Zhaan. The beautiful blue chick. Possessed of unusual powers, she is the crew's calm stabilizing force. Zhaan is continually struggling to balance the two opposing sides of her nature.

RygelRygel. The little green one. Deposed ruler, as he likes to remind us, of over 600 billion subjects. Not as cuddly as he looks.

ChianaChiana. The grey girl. A fugitive from a society where everyone behaves themselves. Chiana... doesn't.

CraisCrais. Peacekeeper commander who had Aeryn Sun declared “irreversibly contaminated”. In relentless pursuit of the prisoners who have slipped his grasp.

ScorpiusScorpius. The really creepy guy with the black leather mask. He's bad. No, no, just trust us on this one.

BracaBraca. Scorpius's sycophantic sidekick. Bootlicker extraordinare. Braca is to Scorpius what Smithers is to Mr. Burns. Advice? Don't turn your back on him.

What is Farscape? We're glad you asked.

Check the "Find Farscape" column on the right to find different ways to track down Farscape and tune in to the show to discover for yourself.

Look up and share the wonders we have seen.

What They Said
Farscape can be rented from your local Rogers Video or

Episodes from all four seasons are available on video or DVD. Check out our Merchandise page for details.

Farscape can also be borrowed from your local library. Check this list of Canadian Libraries to see if Farscape is in your library.

For clarification of the various Farscape DVD versions on the market, click here.

What They Said
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Good general information page for French 'Scapers. Some of the external links are out of date, especially those to French DVD sales.

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